The Modern Austen is dedicated to creating an engaging and interactive environment through organic and honest collaborative efforts.  I happily share this space with bloggers and brands I fully support and I welcome you to join me. Together, we can reach new readers, start those conversations, inspire others to try something new, create new connections, and support one another. let's work together (1)

Here's what I offer:

  • Sponsor of the Month
  • Monthly Group Giveaways
  • Individual Giveaways
  • Product Reviews
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Weekly Sunday Best Style Link Party
  • Blog and Small Biz Consultations - coming soon!
  • Other Creative Collaborations

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This space is growing rapidly with a newly established dedication and a fresh redesign. You'll find loyal and genuine followers who comment on a consistent basis as well as a wide range of topic coverage and room for expansion on various niches. Additionally, as we all know, numbers are important, so here's a brief snapshot:

Followers as of April 2014:

Facebook: 457 473 Pinterest: 762 777 Twitter: 481 535 Instagram: 212 230 Google+: 23 26 Bloglovin: 236 250 Monthly pageviews: 12,500+ Unique visitors: 6,191 6,835

Advertising & Giveaways

I've streamlined my sponsorship opportunities to include the best laid plans for increasing exposure for all involved quickly and effectively. That's why I'm dedicating all of my efforts to one special sponsor of the month and hosting strong giveaways monthly.

Sponsor of the Month

If your blog or brand matches the style and personality of The Modern Austen and you want to amp up your readership organically, consider sponsoring TMA for an affordable price. You'll receive specialized attention and loads of extra promotional opportunities for an entire month. Check out the Ad Shop below for more information. *Note: Please consider TMA's audience before purchasing. I reserve the right to deny and/or refund purchases that do not fit the blog's aesthetic and/or purpose.

Monthly Group Giveaway

I'm so excited to introduce this option to everyone who wants a quick and easy way to gain followers and discover new blogs and brands! Each month, I'll be giving away a "bigger" prize, made possible by smaller funds provided by interested bloggers and brands; in return, their social links will be added to the entry form. The more bloggers participating and more funds raised, the better the exposure for EVERYONE. For example, the last group giveaway I participated in drew in over 9,000 entries and I watched my Facebook page skyrocket in a matter of hours. Check out the Ad Shop below for more information.

MDC-Artistic-Designs-Earrings-2 Venus-Snap-Razor-3 #ScentSavings Jennifer Aniston perfume 3

Product Reviews and Brand Campaigns

I've been so fortunate to have worked with fantastic brands on various product and service reviews and campaigns. You can check out former campaigns with:

I only accept campaigns that are in line with my brand and interests. Optional giveaway included in product reviews. Clothing and accessory reviews could be included in upcoming Sunday Best link party for maximum exposure. If you are interested in collaborating, please email me at to request access to my media kit with rates and detailed information.

Blog and Small Biz Consultations

Coming Soon!


On sponsorship . . .

"Marissa exudes class and professionalism and she was a pure joy to work with during MDC Artistic Designs's sponsorship. She constantly delivered what she set out to do or said in our various communications. She showcased my online jewelry shop in various media outlet such as Facebook, Pinterest, and several times in her blog posts which favored increased traffic to my shop and blog as well as brought new followers to my Facebook page. I, in turn, am a new fan of The Modern Austen." - Marlene, Jewelry Designer & Owner of MDC Artistic Designs

"Sponsoring The Modern Austen was a wonderful experience. Marissa was great help. I could tell she wanted to do as much as she could to get the word out about my blog. I would definitely sponsor again. Thanks, Marissa!" -Sara, Sincerely, Sara

On Brand Campaigns . . . 

"I want to just let you know that you did an AMAZING job on your post! I'm so impressed! Your photos were super high quality, I loved your side by sides that showed off different aspects of the piece, and your first pinnable image. I also really love how you found and linked to each piece you bought, listed the price, the savings, and the Shop Your Way points. Your story was also great and very easy to relate to--I'm a non-runner turned want to be runner myself and think a color run would be so much fun!" - Nicole Elliot, Campaign Leader for SearsStyle Everlast campaign

 "Thank you for your great post about the tablet with Intel. You did a fantastic job sharing why this tablet will fit into your lifestyle and all the features you plan to use. Your photos are staged nicely and the screenshots from the tablet are super. You requested my feedback and honestly, I only have positive notes for you." -Heather Riccobono, Campaign Leader for Office Depot + ASUS Tablet campaign

Get Started

Check out my Ad Shop to get started! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, sponsorship inquiries, or collaboration ideas. Let's get creating!

The Ad Shop is currently closed. Be sure to check back when I am open to new sponsorship opportunities! Thanks for understanding.


The Short Version:

Some posts contain affiliate links. For each click and/or purchase you make, I may earn a few cents at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Modern Austen possible.

All sponsored posts will be clearly labeled as such. All opinions will always be my own.

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