The Friday 5: v. 36

The Friday 5 is a weekly feature highlighting interesting, controversial, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and/or creative content worth reading and sharing. I always find the best blog posts, articles, outfits, and inspiration from other bloggers, so I hope I can do the same for you. Here's to hoping something will make a difference in your weekend! the-friday-5-v-36

I found these for you.

  1. Should You Go Back To Grad School? Oh man, this will definitely hit home for a lot of you.
  2. Oh hey, it's November! Here are 10 Things You Must Do This Month. Personally, I'm a big fan of #7.
  3. I'm not in a relationship and I'm not married, but if I am some day, I hope that I have it's built on a foundation that sounds like this.
  4. Did you see? Maddie Richardson is giving away a FREE blog design! Amazing.
  5. Let's celebrate a #YearofHappy! 2015 is going to be our best yet.

I made these for you.

  1. Why You Should Always Reach Out to Customer Service
  2. It's coming. Get excited!
  3. Need a quick dinner recipe? Try this delicious and easy Southwestern Chopped Salad.
  4. Have you entered to win a Miglio Signature Necklace (value $175!) yet? Get going already!
  5. Tag, you're it: 20 Things You May Not Know About Me

For those who have been around for a while, you'll be equally excited for me because ASHLIE IS COMING TO VISIT (FINALLY)! We haven't seen each other since July (before my birthday!) and she has never been able to visit me in Pittsburgh before. I know, it's shocking. I'm really looking forward to a weekend of catching up, eating, and laughing. Pittsburghers--Ashlie's been here many times, but briefly as a Duquesne student before transferring and mostly to go to Pirate games--what should I definitely take her to see/do?

Have a great weekend, everyone! And if you haven't joined NaDoWoMo yet, you're not too late! We're having a great time being productive! Join almost 80 other bloggers as we tackle November.