Budgeting Bloggers: October Budget

Budgeting Bloggers, hosted by Fran, is a great way to hold myself accountable for my clothing purchases each month. It helps to track my spending habits, identify trends, and streamline my wardrobe with more intention. Check out what other bloggers purchased this month! Budgeting-Blogger-October2014

And just like that, October has come and gone.

And so has another month of budgeting! I am proud to report that I made very few purchases this month! Between my brother getting married, homecoming, and another wedding, I had plenty to keep me busy on the weekends. Over the past few months, I've also talked about spending less on my clothing budget and being more intentional with purchases. It's my goal to really revamp my spending and tracking for the new year, so the next few months will be a kind of "transition" of sorts. I'm deciding whether or not I want to commit to a capsule wardrobe and that may require some investment pieces that are hard to buy but easy to love. We'll see...

Anyway, I really only bought three wardrobe items this past month. Normally I wouldn't even include shoes (which would mean I only bought a t-shirt!), but in this case, these weren't "shoe necessities" so they have their place here in my clothing budget. Even so, I did not spend very much on them!

Here's the breakdown

Pittsburgh, I Love You Typewriter Tee - purchased at Wildcard (they just opened their online store!) - $24.00 Faux Leather Lace Up Oxford Shoes - purchased at Old Navy - $13.99 Bongo Women's Casual Canvas Shoe Prepster - purchased at Sears - $2.47

Total Spent in October: $40.56

Admittedly, the tee was a lot more expensive than I'd ever spend on just any old t-shirt, but for a soft vintage Pittsburgh tee, I had to make an exception. It has a typewriter on it. Need I say more?

I've been looking for oxfords for a while, but they are never comfortable on my crazy annoying feet. These fit well and while the black doesn't work for bare legs (on me anyway), I think they'll be great with black tights, especially for swing dancing. Giving it a test drive in the near future, I hope!

Lastly, the canvas shoes were purchased last-minute to wear at my brother's wedding reception. They were on sale for $9.99, but when I had a little over $7 in Shop Your Way rewards, I was thrilled that I would be handing over less than $3 for these fake Tom's.

Overall, I don't have too many comments worth mentioning. I am kind of at a standstill when it comes to my wardrobe and trying to figure out this seasonal transition. So much has changed since the last time I put on these sweaters and long sleeves. Alas, I am looking forward to revamping and remixing!

What purchases did you make last month?