NaDoWoMo: Not Your Typical NaNoBlogMo

Several of you reading this are counting down the days to NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month--and are charged with the anticipation of participating in something exciting and seriously productive. (If you don't know what the hype is all about, click here and read #2!) And while I won't be participating this year, I'll be your cheerleader all the way through! Even though it's my choice not to participate (well, I blame it on my brain for not coming up with a brilliant story plot or even a cool character to start with. It's been a long time since my killer NSYNC and Harry Potter fanfiction days.)  I can't help but feel a bit of FOMO. I, too, want to be a part of something big. I, too, want to get a lot of stuff DONE. I, too, want to be motivated and held accountable by others. So I thought, why not apply this principle to blogging? Brilliant!

Except my goal here is not to post every single day in November. Or even to write 50,000 words.

With one quick Google search, you'll find that I was not alone in my brilliant idea to apply NaNoWriMo to blogging (womp womp). There are tons of support groups that are participating in NaNoBlogMo (National Novel Blogging Month?) and striving to write a blog post every day or to write 50,000 words in November. (And a few of you are just wrapping up a similar one for #Blogtober!) For some of you, maybe that IS your goal, and I say: more power to you! I think that's really awesome and maybe one day I will be disciplined enough to make that a goal and learn so much in completing that writing practice.

Right now, however, my priorities are all about getting those little things crossed off my list to make my blogging better. And getting around to those really awesome posts that take a little extra effort to put together. And giving myself the push to refocus and reorganize for the new year.

Somehow, I doubt I'm alone in this, too.

Therefore, I have decided to form a challenge and support group of sorts for the month of November in which bloggers can come together to get work done. For now, we'll call is NaDoWoMo, "National" Do Work Month.  We'll gather in a closed Facebook group and we'll discuss our personal blogging goals and share our expertise and struggles with one another. Each week, I'll post a challenge for each of us to complete. You can completely customize each challenge for what you want to work on or you can follow the challenge exactly. The end result: at least four completed tasks and a safe and supportive community with whom you can trust and hold accountable.

NaDoWoMo National Do Work Month with The Modern Austen
NaDoWoMo National Do Work Month with The Modern Austen

Are you in? Fantastic! All you need to do is CLICK HERE to request to join the Facebook group. And then invite your blogging BFFs to join, too! We'll spend the last few days of October introducing ourselves and getting ourselves mentally prepared for an excitingly productive month!

If you'd like your challenges emailed directly to your inbox to make sure you stay on top of things or if you're interested in receiving some extra special goodies, fill out this form:

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In all honesty, I have no idea how this challenge group will work, but I can't imagine it will be anything but AWESOME. Let's find out together, shall we? I'll be waiting right here with a glass of (virtual) wine.