Monochromatic Pattern Mixing

Support a monochromatic look with a mix of patterns in the same color family Layer a long-sleeved oxford under a short sleeved ponte blouse

Heart Chambray Oxford: LOFT Striped Blouse: Old Navy Jeans: LOFT Flats: Payless Earrings: NY & Company Photo credit: Angelica // Syntaxx Errorrr

It's no surprise in blog land that we all love us some pattern mixing. (And it's no surprise here on The Modern Austen, considering I've done so here, and here, and here, and here...and the list goes on) But sometimes when I'm raking through my closet, I worry that what I'm pairing together is a little too much. Kendi always pulls off multiple bold patterns, but when I try to do it, I panic a bit. I know I've talked about the balance in scales of patterns before and how that can really help pattern mix successfully, but another way to achieve the look is by creating a monochromatic look, pulling colors from the same palette in each pattern.

That's what I've done here in this look. I paired my brand new heart chambray from LOFT with a favorite striped ponte blouse from Old Navy and denim jeans, pulling from the same navy/denim and white family. It felt like the pieces went together instead of clashing and I felt more at ease with this more "bold" look.  Have you tried a monochromatic pattern mixed look? If so, make sure you put a link in a comment for me to check it out! I'm always looking for inspiration to try something new.

LOFT Softened Blouse paired with Old Navy Striped Ponte Zipback Blouse