Howdy Dallas

About a month ago, I had the honor of traveling to Dallas, Texas for my second work trip. My first trip to Chicago was enjoyable and exhausting, so I expected much of the same this time around. We attended a bridal show called The One while we were in Dallas, so I spent five days surrounded by white gowns, sparkly prom dresses, and those creepy gown preservation boxes. Our booth was next door to The Knot, which was pretty cool. the one

I had never been to Texas, nor did I ever really imagine I'd get the chance to make it down there. It has been really exciting to travel to brand new places in my new (ish) job--the kind of job I never imagined I'd have. (Blogging played a huge role in landing me my new career.) Traveling to Dallas, the very first thing I noticed was the solid wall of heat, followed closely by the kind hospitality of the cab coordinator who handed us cold bottles of water with a jolly, "Welcome to Dallas!" They aren't kidding, by the way, when they talk about how hot it is. You'd be crazy to be outside for longer than a few minutes during a Texas summer.  Or passed out. Same thing.

Unfortunately, we weren't actually IN downtown Dallas. We could see it from our hotel and the Dallas Market Center, but we were never able to get down to the few skyscrapers that formed the downtown area. There were a few buildings outlined in green lights, giving off the impression of the Emerald City and each time I spotted it, I immediately started singing "One Short Day" in my head (anyone else? #musicalnerd). Because of this distance, there was really nothing particularly special about the area we saw. Flat land and strip malls. An overpriced Medieval Times (I'm still so bummed we didn't go, but we could not justify a $70 ticket!). A few hotels and some highway. We had to take a cab or shuttle to get anywhere or do anything. Bummer, right?

So and Sos

Dallas Meddlesome Moth

I will say that Dallas definitely takes the cake when it comes to good food. I was so pleased with every meal I ate, which was such a great surprise after being disappointed in Chicago. Our first meal in Dallas was at a place called So & So's, a pizza and breakfast joint where they only serve--that's right--the perfect late-night and hangover food. You wouldn't believe what kinds of gems you'll find on their menu. We also ate our body weights at The Meddlesome Moth, which I highly recommend. Lastly, my coworker Christine and I did a "progressive dinner" of sorts in Trinity Groves. Dubbed "America's Culinary Creative Center," this 15-acre restaurant and retail destination is comprised of diverse and delicious experiences--of which we were able to try two before we were too stuffed and tired to go on. The service was unbeatable, the drinks were great at Amberjax, and I think I had the best steak of my life (and I don't typically enjoy steak) at Resto.

The One

As far as the bridal show went, we kicked major butt. I gave two presentations on websites and event marketing, and they both went over really well--I was so relieved. We met a lot of wonderful people and met out goal for the week! I think the best part of the trip was getting to bond with my colleagues, Christine and Stephanie. We had a great time getting to know each other and cracking jokes the whole time. There's something about traveling that really brings people together in such a short period of time. It's much like becoming besties after a week of summer camp; it's inevitable.

I won't be traveling again for some time, but I am so thankful to have had these unique experiences in the five months I've been working at my company.