Budgeting Blogger: September Budget

Budgeting Bloggers, hosted by Fran, is a great way to hold myself accountable for my clothing purchases each month. It helps to track my spending habits, identify trends, and streamline my wardrobe with more intention. Check out what other bloggers purchased this month! Budgeting-Blogger-September-2014

It feels like I just posted my last month's budget! Oh wait. I did...Well if you can believe it, OCTOBER is here! That means it's time for another budget recap. While I'm happy with my purchases this month, I think I need to pull back on the reigns a bit and be even stricter about what I'm bringing into it. I'm hoping to do another ThredUp clean-up bag so that should put a little more cash in my pocket. Maybe I should paste big pictures of my wish list and upcoming expenses (i.e. new laptop, new apartment, PittStop, Christmas gifts) right in front of my face so that I curb my spending even more. That's actually not so bad of an idea...

This past month seemed to fly by, yet the first few purchases I made seem AGES ago. I really only made one shopping trip to LOFT; the rest--mostly from Kohl's--were quick trips that evidently ended in me perusing the clearance jewelry section. Those yellow stickers really get you!

The Damage


Simply Vera Vera Wang Teal Bead and Fringe Y Necklace (similar)  - originally $44 - paid $8.80 Simply Vera Vera Wang Long Multistrand Pendant Necklace (similar) - originally $44 - paid $13.20 LC Lauren Conrad Marquise Drop Earrings - originally $14 - paid $7.84 LC Lauren Conrad Drop Earrings - originally $14 - paid $2.24 LC Lauren Conrad Infinity Slipknot Bracelet (similar) - originally $14 - paid $2.24

I also bought this necklace but plan on returning it because I don't think I'll wear it enough.

Do we sense a pattern here? These two brands really highlight my jewelry style. Sometimes I go for somewhat bold and colorful with Simply Vera while other times I really enjoy the simplicity and delicacy of LC Lauren Conrad.


Easy Tee in Deep Teal - originally $24.50 - paid $10.55 Mini Heart Softened Shirt - originally $59.50 - paid $31.42 Curvy Skinny Corduroy Pants in Deepest Cranberry - originally $59.50 - paid $31.42

Vera Bradley:

Flap Crossbody - originally $78 - paid $23.12

I had a little left on a gift card and a birthday coupon to spend so I spent way too long pacing around in Vera Bradley trying to decide what to buy. I'm not so much into carrying around quilted patterned purses (except for my weekender bag and large cosmetic bag in since-retired patterns) anymore, even though my entire sorority got me hooked (The co-founder of Vera Bradley, Patricia Polito Miller, is a KD!) in college. It took forever, but I finally settled on this brand new faux leather number. Then I spent another 10 minutes trying to decide between emerald and magenta. Though it is not a color I'd normally pick, I'm so glad I went with emerald! I guess it's another nod to my KD roots.

Total Spent in September: $130.83

Overall, I felt I bought a lot of staples that will take me well into fall and even though I spent quite a bit, I feel like I got all of them for really good individual prices (except maybe the softened shirt, but I think that will be well worth-it). I also bought a few pairs of shoes (wedding and boots), but I don't like to count those in these monthly budgets because they are more of a "must-buy" like undergarments (but in reality, it's a lame justification to make me feel better about my budget).

What did you purchase this past month?