Sunday Best: v.10

Add interest to a cotton dress with pattern mixing accessories Lavender, Periwinkle, and Gray are a nice soft color combination

photo credit: Angelica from Syntaxx Errorrr Dress: Calvin Klein c/o Ali Scarf: Simply Vera via Kohl's Sandals: T. J. Maxx

And just like that, it's another Sunday Best! It feels like the weeks are just flying by. This week was particularly tiring, a result of two weekends of travel in a row and a very busy phase at work. I don't mind the busyness at all, but I do mind that it has taken its toll on my blogging and my thoughts about blogging. I went to a book club on Tuesday to discuss Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly (which, by the way, is amazing. I hope to review it at some point.) and the conversation steered around to the "Glorification of Busy" that has swept up our society. It's a bit of a paradox because we all long for those moments of relaxation and rest, but we don't want to give up anything, either. It would be one thing if I was pursuing activities that weren't serving myself, but I am! This makes it all the harder to give something up.  I'm on the leadership team for Levo League Pittsburgh, writing for and managing The Modern Austen, fulfilling a passion of mine with swing dancing, traveling for work, preparing for three upcoming weddings, and praying about potentially becoming a youth group leader for this school year at my church. How blessed I am to have these opportunities! I recently read a post on Instagram from @carolinegshop in which Carrie shared how she gave up her second job and various commitments to focus on what was truly fulfilling and in doing so, it allowed her to become even better at what she loved: serving others. What if all of what I'm doing is fulfilling and something I enjoy? How do we choose, if we have to choose at all? Just some thoughts in the back of my mind...

ANYWAY. Back to the fashion. I spent some time at my college roommate Ali's apartment this past Monday evening to welcome our friend Megan who just moved to Pittsburgh. We went through her closet and, lucky me, she gave me some of her clothes! One of these scores was this super comfy Calvin Klein dress. While I do not fill out the top of this dress very well (silly chesticles), I liked it a lot and threw on a coordinating scarf instead. When you work at a very casual outfit and you're at your desk all day, it's really easy to dress like you don't care much (especially if you wake up late), but I try to step it up at least a little bit! This was a nice happy medium. I really enjoyed the color combination and felt comfortable all day.

Wanna know a secret? This is the first time I've ever worn "shapewear" before. And by shapewear, I actually mean these spandex-y shorts from Target that I got for swing dancing (twirly skirts are a serious business, people) that are great for smoothing and modesty, but really crappy for staying unrolled. Is this normal for everyone? How do people who do yoga in tiny spandex shorts not have to continuously pull them down or adjust them? Or maybe when you're super tiny in the butt/legs that doesn't happen? Someone fill me in! Anyway, I was glad I wore them because thin cotton does not do me (or most people) any favors.

Neutral gray paired with shades of blue and purple

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Last week's Sunday Best featured some really great looks! The most clicked-on outfit was Aubrey's from Aubreyland! I am SUCH a fan of her classic and flattering look.


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