Make it Work

In the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work." That's exactly what I thought when I discovered this striped J. Crew number at Goodwill the other day and was disappointed with how long the straps were. I pulled a Project Runway and shortened those bad boys with a few quick runs under the sewing machine and ta da! Good as new (after a nice wash, of course). You seriously can't beat a $4.24 J. Crew dress. Stripes and everything!

Pair a bold cardigan with a striped dress for a nice contrast

Mix shades of blue for a cool summer look

Dress: J. Crew (Goodwill) Cardigan: Gap Factory Necklace: LOFT Wedges: Clarks

These photos were taken by the lovely Angelica from Syntaxx Errorrr. Angelica recently started working at the same company as me (in the same department!) and so far it's been absolutely wonderful having her around. And you know what happens when you get two bloggers together . . . I won't lie; when I found out she got hired, one of the first things I thought of was "Yessss, lunch time photo shoots in the city!" And luckily, her brain also thought similarly :D

In our area, there's an abundance of super cool and urban backdrops so we're planning on making it a "thing" and trying out new locations without making too much of a fool out of ourselves. (Angelica did get a door opened on her when she was posing in front of this cobalt blue storefront, but it was worth it. Because contrast, people!) Stop by her bloggity blog to see her pictures, too (once I actually get around to sending them to her!).

I can't wait to fill you in about the recent work trip to Chicago, but I will admit--I've got a lot going on. I'm sure you know the feeling. Somehow seemingly every weekend until November is filled with weddings and traveling and more. Lots of fun things, at least, but it is also pretty exhausting. This weekend: giant pre-wedding reception and bachelorette party for my brother's fiance Kate! Can't wait!

Nude wedges elevate any summer look without appearing too dressy

Oh, and P.S. if you haven't entered to win the best giveaway ever, you better get a move on. Because I know you're gonna forget. And then you're gonna be sad. And then you're gonna blame me and I won't be having any of that. Because this is your reminder. Because I love you. You're welcome.

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