For the Bibliophile On-the-Go

It's no secret that I openly identify myself as a bibliophile, one who has great love for books. I've even decorated my former apartment with literary-inspired decor and shared several (though it's been awhile) reviews of my latest reads. It's such a joy connecting with other readers, whether it's sharing recommendations, commiserating over the latest predicament our favorite heroes and heroines have found themselves in, or discussing how the act of reading a specific book has transcended into our personal lives, making it that much easier to face. All readers have their opinion over the rise of e-readers and tablets versus the weight of a book in your hands. For me, nothing will beat the experience of turning the crisp pages of a physical book and being able to "mark up the text," but I welcome e-readers with open arms, too. I love the idea that all books are accessible at your fingertips and that you can take it anywhere you go. I especially love that you can read all through the night without keeping the light on, making it that much easier to dive into the story (and forget that you really should be going to bed because it's already 3 AM...).  It's exciting knowing that so many people are choosing to read because of the sheer convenience of an e-reader and converting into bibliophiles themselves.

While tablets certainly have their place in the realm of convenience, productivity, travel, and entertainment, sometimes I feel like all of the bells and whistles can be distracting when trying to escape in a novel. We already have our phones and computers calling our names every ten minutes to check Facebook or mindlessly scroll through Pinterest. That's why I am itching to get an e-reader that is free from these distractions, but still allows me all of the reading tools I need.

Knowing that this is something I would truly love and enjoy, I've decided to team up with a group of amazing women and give one of our special readers a Kindle Paperwhite. I'm so beyond excited that we are able to do this and I can't wait to see who wins! I hope you will enjoy the gift of reading whenever, wherever, free from distractions.

Enter to win a Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite includes a next-generation built-in light for those late night reading sessions and wi-fi capabilities for easy use no matter where you are. The high-resolution makes it easier than ever to read clearly and enjoy without the glare from the sun. Best of all, it's light enough to hold with one hand. You'd be surprised at how important this is!

This giveaway was made possible by the following ladies! Be sure to stop by and say thank you for their contributions:

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  • The giveaway will run from August 4th-18th at midnight.
  • Open to Continental US residents ONLY
  • Winner's entries will be verified

Best of luck to all of you! Check back each day to earn more entries into the giveaway!

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