Budgeting Bloggers: July Budget

Budgeting Bloggers, hosted by Fran, is a great way to hold myself accountable for my clothing purchases each month. It helps to track my spending habits, identify trends, and streamline my wardrobe with more intention. Check out what other bloggers purchased this month! Budgeting-Blogger-July-2014

Not too much to physically show you for this month's Budgeting Bloggers, but I am really excited about what I was able to get and how little I spent! My goal at the end of last month was to treat July as much of a no-spend month as possible. Given that I was able to get SUCH a good deal on everything listed below, I don't have any regrets! Check out the goods:


3/4 Sleeved White Tee - $1.06 Long Grey Dangling Stone Cluster Necklace - $1.52 Gold and White Dangle Earrings - $1.06 Striped Glasses Case - $1.54

Total thanks to $15 Birthday Coupon (discounts reflected above) + tax: $5.47!

I almost had to pinch myself with how much I absolutely scored at LOFT. Perks of final sale and coupons! Each of these items are things I will wear or use regularly, so I am ridiculously pleased.



Express Sleeveless Silk Bow Tie Blouse - $2.54 Express Gray Ruffled Cardigan - $3.39 Express Short Sleeved Collared Wrap Blouse - $3.39 Charlotte Russe Striped Blouse with Lace Neckline - $2.54 Old Navy Gray Crewneck Sweatshirt - $3.39 The Limited Black BlazerElle Striped Peplum - $4.24

Total: $22.88

Yep. I got some really good stuff here for obviously great prices. I'm looking forward to finding ways to style them with things already in my closet.

Old Navy:

Striped Zip-Back Jersey Top (plus) - $9.99

I really should enroll in a recovery group for striped top addicts, but I just can't stop.

 Total Spent in July: $38.34

That number feels good. If only every month added up as such . . .

While I totally forgot to include a cotton dress in last month's budget (that I used as a bathing suit cover-up), I also ended up returning the Target bathing suit top I bought in June since I never was able to find a bottom to match. We'll pretend that it's an even exchange for now :)

How did you do with your budget this month? What did you bring in and what did you let go of?