Today I am Twenty-Four

Reading over the blog posts I wrote when I turned 22 and 23 makes me very aware of the very new place I am in life and of the new woman I have grown into. It's not to say I don't hold on to various aspects of my 22-year-old and 23-year-old selves--I'm not that different--but on either of those birthdays, I don't think I ever could have imagined that I would be where I am and who I am today. I feel like I am really coming into my own and I actually feel just a little bit older and certainly wiser. My 23rd year was half unbearably painful and half wonderful--much like that feeling in the winter when you plunge your frozen fingers into hot water; it aches and burns to the bone until it slows ebbs away into a sigh of relief and comfort. Though I'm sure there will be many repeated moments of this same kind of pattern (numbness-pain-relief), I feel confident in this time of relief and know I am much stronger as a result of it.

And let's be real. Saying you are 24 sounds so much better than saying you are 23. It's still considered the "early 20s," but it doesn't include as much uncharted territory. I have a feeling this year will also include more changes, but I feel excited about them rather than apprehensive.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and to share my heart with all of you. To celebrate these 24 years, here are some blog moments I've loved oh so much from the past year, thanks to you! (Commence picture overload--sorry!)

The Color Run 1

"Running" my first 5K didn't go exactly according to plan, but the response so was so positive and encouraging! Now I'm attempting another one almost a year later in August! the truth is 4

Life got really hard. I didn't know how to talk about it, but I gave it a shot in this point. And I discovered that the truth is, you are stronger than you believe and if you surround yourself with good people who care, things will get better.

Embellished Sweatshirt Oxford Black Pants 2

I attempted a fun and inexpensive DIY project to recreate the pricier embellished sweatshirts I had seen in all of the stores. Literary Decor 6

I made my apartment as homey as I could with literary decor that would appeal to any bibliophile!


I went on my first (of many) blates with Kristin and learned the power of blogging friendships and how in-person conversations really will never get old.


This year I took some time to reflect on what this blog--this brand--actually means. I'm pretty proud of the Jane who continues to teach me to be my best self and the blog that gives me a platform on which to share this journey.Decorate-Your-Desktop_Honorable-Beautiful-Highest

I brushed up on some "design-ish" skills and created some fun wallpapers for computers and iPhones. It became a daily reminder of what to strive for each day. AOT.

5 Ways to Simplify

In a world where the "glorification of busy" is nearly unavoidable, it's important to take some time to simplify and free up some of that time to just be.Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge Round Up1

Heidi and I hosted two more successful Pantone-Inspired challenges--in the fall and spring--and they were a fantastic opportunity to maximize our closets and make new friends.


Sometimes a bottle of wine and real and raw conversation between friends is the best medicine for an unsteady and worrisome heart.

Pretty dresses in pretty corners

I "redesigned" this space in May and felt it really reflected my aesthetic and made it easier to navigate. I love calling this little blog my home!

Blogging can help when changing industries

It still amazes me how many opportunities have evolved as a result of blogging (and everything that comes with it: writing, editing, collaborating, working with brands, financial planning, organization, networking, creativity, etc.). This, though, is a highlight.


Easy Thrifting with ThredUp

I believe in being transparent when appropriate and I believe in learning ways to save money. Combine these two into a thorough review of ThredUp.


Turning in the Keys

Lastly, I recently talked about those things in life that need turned in. Put away. Left behind. Closed up. Thrown away. Whatever it is and whatever you need to do about it--go on and do it. Letting go is a means of moving forward. And my darling, you were meant for what lies ahead.

It's been a year of years. Thanks for being a part of it. <3