Bethany Beach Family Vacation 2014

32 family members14 hours of driving 5 goofy kids 2 completed novels 1 bag of Swedish fish

I'd call that a successful family vacation.

Bethany Beach Family Vacation 2014

I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am to have such an incredible family. Some people despise their family reunions or can't stand certain family members, but I can honestly say that I love my entire family so much and spending time with them is the best. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't have the luxury of being all in the same place at the same time. I have family in Germany, California, Florida, Virginia, and all over Pennsylvania and it's been many years since we've all been able to gather around in one place. While we were still missing three important members of our family, 32 of us made it to Bethany Beach, DE (and a few in Ocean City, MD) two weeks ago for one big family vacation. Though I had to leave early to partake in a lovely wedding weekend, my five days spent in the sun were absolutely wonderful.

Ashlie got to spend a day and a half with us and I'm sure she was overwhelmed by the amount of crazy, but I was really glad to have had some time with her on the beach. The first day or two was about reading and relaxing and soaking in the sun.

Ashlie and Marissa at Bethany Beach 2014

Best Vacation Photobomb Ever

Best. Photobomb. Ever.

Here Ash and I are just posing along, being silly, not knowing that my brother and dad had boogie boarded in right behind us, Justin striking his signature pose. Such a great moment! (Suit via Lands End; top; bottom)

We spent our mornings on the beach, playing with the kids, and capturing moments like these.

Becky and Katie at the Beach

Amber and Adam on the Beach

Kids on the Boogie Board

In the evenings, we would eat, read, and check out some local sights. We ended up going to the arcade twice and I was thrilled to play DDR with my brother again. (B4U, Music of the Century, anyone??) Like, why is this not a thing anymore?

I also spent an evening down in Ocean City with my cousin Kim and her boyfriend, Mike. We were the "young 20-somethings" of the group, so we went out to this place called Seacrets (I'm sure you know the place if you've been to OCMD) and saw this random band called Iration. You know those concerts where everyone else seems to know all of the words to songs except you? Good times. We ended up spending the rest of our night speaking in British accents, frolicking on the beach, and falling asleep on the deck mere yards from the crashing waves. We woke up just in time for the sunrise. It was absolute perfection.

We also had a retirement party for my Aunt Joyce to celebrate all of her years as a librarian! We had a fantastic celebration and it was so great to be together for it.

Kim and Marissa in Ocean City

Twinsies at the Beach 2

(That's my twinny, Lily, who's actually my second cousin!)

Bethany Beach Family Vacation Group Photo

What a blessing it is to have this family of mine.

Bethany Beach Family Vacation Crazy Group Photo

Now that's more like it.

Speaking of the beach . . .

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