Accutane for Mild But Persistent Acne

Typical readers of The Modern Austen may (or may not if you know me in real life) be surprised to hear that I've struggled with acne ever since puberty. Still. To. This. Day. Though I do not have severe acne, I do have what's classified as mild, but persistent acne. This means that while it's never all that bad, it almost never goes away. Thanks to the magical powers of photo editing, I've maintained this secret without too much trouble. (Note: I am not ashamed to edit out my blemishes. I'd prefer that people focus on my other features and the outfit I'm showcasing rather than centering in on that cyst on my chin. So sue me! I do, however, believe in not altering anything major like weight.) But at almost 24 years old, I no longer want to keep hiding my acne with Photoshop or makeup; I am more than ready to get rid of it for good.

Mild but persistent acne hidden by photo editingThe picture on the left is me, with makeup, on a "pretty good acne" day.

Unfortunately, I've tried everything already. I've been on every acne treatment possible and tried every antibiotic combination, regime, and ProActiv solution you can imagine. I've done topicals, I've done antibiotics, I've done both, I've done B.C. Everything. So when two years ago, my dermatologist suggested I try Accutane, I was both stunned and hopeful. Surely Accutane is only for those with painful cystic acne! But wait--you mean this can work for me, too? I left the appointment determined to research and make a decision.

Fast forward nearly two years later, a move away, and a move back, I am finally in a position to consider my last resort. My last stitch effort. A chance to say buh-bye to blemishes and discoloration for good.

I've put together this video explaining my decision to pursue Accutane, even despite the terrible horror stories and icky side effects. It was not a decision made lightly and I know that it's not one that everyone should pursue. But if you're curious or maybe you're like me and feel like you've done as much as you can, take a few minutes to watch and see if this might be something worth looking into. Writing this post two months in, I can tell you that it's working so far and that the side effects are very minimal (I'm a lucky one!).

I'd love to hear your questions and thoughts. Maybe you've had a bad experience--share it below. Maybe you've had a very positive one--share it below. Just know that everyone's body is different and everyone responds differently to medication. I'm not a doctor and I don't pretend to be an expert, but I'm hoping that I can shed light on an option for individuals with this unique skin type!

Keep checking back for updates on my progress and for more awkward videos!