Budgeting Blogger: May Budget

Budgeting Bloggers, hosted by Fran, is a great way to hold myself accountable for my clothing purchases each month. It helps to track my spending habits, identify trends, and streamline my wardrobe with more intention. Check out what other bloggers purchased this month! Well, May was an expensive month.

No longer can I pat myself on the back for completing a No-Spending-March because May surely makes up for that and more. HOWEVER, the reason I made a lot of these purchases is because I finally got a new job (!) and was able to quit LOFT (and thus, handing over my fabulous associate discount, #sadface).


So here's the damage:


  • Ann Taylor Blue Sleeveless Blouse - $10
  • Banana Republic Cream Flutter Sleeveless Blouse - $8
  • Merona Green Floral Dress - $4.24


Land's End:


Total Spent in May: $349.97

Overall, I'm really happy with the purchases I made. I think I bought a lot of staples that I will continue to wear over and over again. I really needed some new jeans for spring/summer because the two pair I rotate nearly every day have faded a LOT. I'm a huge fan of curvy skinny jeans from LOFT, as they are just about the only pair of jeans that really fit me without a belt. It's nice to have many new pieces in my wardrobe; it makes choosing outfits a lot more fun and interesting.

Alas, I'm hoping that I can really curb my spending in June. I will really need to sit down and settle on a real budget. With a vacation and a wedding, I really have to save up! I think I will allow the purchase of a one-piece bathing suit if I find a great one on sale and any summer staples I might be lacking. I'm also always looking for new short-sleeved summer tops that can transition from day to night. I have PLENTY of sleeveless tops, but I can't always sport them in a chilly office. Suggestions?

I also got the itch for a new stitch--a Stitch Fix that is! I ordered my first fix about a year ago and I didn't end up purchasing anything, but I think after redoing my Style Profile and giving specific hints for what I'm looking forward, I'm hoping to be more successful. Plus, if you sign up and then share your referral link, you can earn credit to future fixes if your friends sign up for their first fix! It's a fun way for both of you to benefit. Check it out if you're interested in a unique way to shop. I'll be receiving mine in early July.

I hope everyone's week is going well! I'm hoping to catch up on comments and things soon. I have loved hearing from you!

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