The Friday 5: v. 21

The Friday 5 is a weekly feature highlighting interesting, controversial, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and/or creative content worth reading and sharing. I always find the best blog posts, articles, outfits, and inspiration from other bloggers, so I hope I can do the same for you. Here's to hoping something will make a difference in your weekend! The-Friday-5-v-21

  1. You next DIY project: Painted Catch-All Bowls via Lauren Elizabeth
  2. Finding the perfect mascara is no easy feat, but Ginny assures us that it's sitting right in your local drugstore!
  3. If I ever get the good fortune to go to my #1 destination in the world, London, I will be sure to seek out London's Hidden Gems so I don't fall into the typical tourist traps.
  4. How to Run Kick Butt Blog Sponsorships
  5. Need some ideas for your summer reading list? Check out the books on Sara's reading list!

On the Blog

  1. Today is the LAST day to enter to win a $250 LOFT giftcard! You have until midnight, so be sure to get those entries in. Don't wait!
  2. Have you shopped your favorite blogger's closet yet?
  3. Decorate your room with literary-inspired decor.
  4. 10 Networking Tips for Recently Established Professionals
  5. If you are relatively new to The Modern Austen, read more here!

Enjoy your weekends! Be sure to stop by on Sunday for a new announcement (this is for you, fashion bloggers!).