If We Were Sharing a Bottle of Wine . . .


photo credit: djwtwo via photopincc

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I'd tell you that I was glad you didn't suggest grabbing a coffee or tea because I don't like either. You'd call me crazy and I would tell you that I'm just "not a hot beverage person, except for apple cider." Before we ordered the bottle, I'd ask you if sweet was okay and list the few I know I'm a fan of--Riesling, Catawba, Niagara--and assert, as I always do, that I need to learn more about wines.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I would ask you how your week was, if you had a crappy day at work, and what your plans were for the weekend. I would tell you that I wish my weeks were more structured, more "normal" because "normal" means having a full-time job and having a full-time job would mean I wouldn't be struggling anymore. I'd take a long sip and tell you that I fluctuate between my ups and downs regularly these days and that right now, I am discouraged and at a loss. That I don't know what else I can do except wait. You'd tell me to drink up and assure me that this plateau won't last forever. I'd agree and happily oblige your request, but not before sighing that I've been scaling this plateau for too, too long.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I would want to hear about your dreams and how they might have changed and what you were doing to achieve them. I'd probably come up with a million ways we could collaborate on something creative or encourage you to start blogging (if you haven't already) because "it's a life-changer. Seriously." I might ask you with a smile if you really thought we could get through a conversation without discussing blogging? I would want to know if your significant other was treating you right and making you happy; and if you were single, I'd clink your glass and we'd commiserate about how difficult it is to even meet people these days. We'd probably launch into a discussion about how awkward the post-grad/early 20s are and I'd tell you to read The Defining Decade if you haven't already.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I'd tell you that moving home has been overall really good for me and that even though I'm in limbo, I am trying really hard to be content with where I am right now. I'd tell you that one day I will be so grateful that I got to spend this time with my parents. I'd ask you to try to keep me in check and remind me to count my blessings when I'm caught up in what isn't happening and instead focus on what IS happening.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I would ask you to make a list of book and movie recommendations for me and I would tell you about how I'm finally reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and how it has been the perfect companion to Levo League's #Ask4More campaign. We'd realize that neither of us have been to a Pirate game this season--gasp--and make plans to tailgate next week.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I'd thank you for being such an amazing friend. I'd say that I haven't felt like a very good friend for the past several months because so much has happened and I'm just too tired to talk about it anymore, but that you have been there through it all. I would tell you that you never treated me any differently and that has made all of the difference.

If we were sharing a bottle of wine, I'd be simultaneously sad and giddy now that the bottle was empty, but we would make sure we wouldn't leave without making plans to share another--maybe a red?--very soon.


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