A Pantone Recap and A Favor

Whew! What a crazy, but fun week last week was! Many thanks to the lovely ladies who participated in this season's Pantone Challenge. Heidi and I really enjoyed checking out all of your looks and getting to know some new blogs better. I hope you had fun remixing your wardrobe and trying new pairings. Here's a round-up of my looks from last week:

Pantone-Inspired Spring Color Challenge Round Up1

Radiant Orchid // Paloma // Dazzling Blue // Hemlock // Freesia

I think my favorite look was Thursday's Hemlock, followed closely by Dazzling Blue. I don't get to dress up very often anymore, but posting two skirt looks reminded me that it's fun and I really should more frequently.

And here are some of my favorite looks from the week! You can check out Heidi's favorites here. It was really hard to choose one of each color since everyone had awesome outfits, so be sure to visit all of them for inspiration.

Favorite Pantone Spring Looks

Tasteful Style // A Little Bit of WoWe // A Journey in Style // 14 Shades of Grey // Just Another Smith

I couldn't get enough of Caroline's super flattering pink peplum. Danielle managed to make a pajama dress look absolutely classy in her paloma ensemble! I am just in love with Kate's bright blue shoes and how well they spice up a black and white outfit. Salazar looks feminine and cool in her hemlock green dress and blazer combo--so flattering and pretty. I love how creative Andi was with her layered freesia look.

What is your favorite Pantone color of the season?

Before you go, I have a favor to ask of you. I am going to undergo some "renovations" around here shortly and I would love to have your input. YOU can help reshape The Modern Austen! Please take one minute (it's 10 easy questions!) to fill out the survey and you'll be entered to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard! I only ask that you be honest and constructive. Please don't fill out the survey in ten seconds without any thought just to be entered to win. That just wouldn't be cool. THANK YOU so much!

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