The Perfect Daytime Reading Nook

If you're a self-proclaimed bibliophile, you've probably dreamed up what your ideal reading location would look like. Maybe you imagine an old-fashioned library with dim lights, ladders that stretch high into the expanded ceiling, and oversized leather chairs. Maybe you prefer a window seat, snuggled up with a blanket and a cup of cocoa while the rain lightly taps the glass. Perhaps you think of your bed with crisp white sheets and lots of feathery pillows. In any case, it's perfect and there's no place better. For me, my ideal reading spot changes depending on my mood, the time of day, and what kind book I'm reading. Recently, I've been craving fun and easy reads and imagine being curled up in a bright and comfortable space, tucked away in a corner.


Most importantly, my reading nook needs to be comfortable. How perfect would this oversized bean bag chair from Bean Bag Boss be? It can be molded into different shapes depending on how you want to sit and it looks really comfortable.

Underneath the bean bag, I'd love a fun and soft carpet to sink my toes into, like this fun printed number from IKEA. Of course, I'd have snuggle up with this incredibly soft throw and fun chevron pillow from West Elm! I'd store all of my books in my IKEA Expedit shelf, artfully styled a la Pinterest, naturally. And for a wink to my favorite girl Jane, I'd hang her Persuasion litograph on the wall.

Simple, colorful, bright. Sigh.

What would your perfect daytime reading nook look like?

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