A Little Pop

Belted-Chambray-Black-Jeans-Leopard-Flats 1.png

Chambray: J. Crew Factory (c/o Justin + Kate) Jeans: LOFT Belt: Forever 21 Flats: Payless

Adding that little pop of something is the key to completing an otherwise boring outfit. A little pop of color, a pop of pattern, a pop of unexpected--whatever it is, don't forget to add it when putting together those basics. I love a simple outfit like this one; just throw on some pants and button up a top, add a belt and some fun shoes, and you're ready to go. Comfortable, casual but cute, and functional.

In other news, I am finding myself at another crossroads when it comes to blogging. I have plans to redecorate a bit (I know I do this quite frequently, but I am pumped about this next move), but I have also been thinking a lot about its purpose and if what I do is actually fulfilling a purpose. Am I sharing quality content that is useful to others? Should I be writing about such a variety of things? How much do I really have to say about style? (See paragraph above.) I've always liked that I don't stick to one niche because I am not one niche. I guess I'm just in that period that all bloggers reach (multiple times) where you question the purpose and worthwhile nature of what you're doing. Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Belted-Chambray-Black-Jeans-Leopard-Flats 2.png

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