Out Like a Lion


Tee: Gap Factory (similar) Scarf: Kiosk Jeans: LOFT Boots: Macy's

As per usual, March has no clue what is going on and "just can't right now." So, as a result, we're all subjected to ridiculous mood swings. Gee, thanks. One such crazed moment occurred last week when it randomly began snowing monster snowflakes (seriously, they were huge) and covered everything in a blanket of soft white snow in a matter of minutes. I was glad I snapped these photos quickly because within two hours, everything was completely erased as if nothing happened at all. Just like that . . .

I kept it comfortable and simple with this outfit. Is it embarrassing to admit that this outfit came together solely for the purpose of knowing the yellow would be a fabulous contrast to the white snow? Because that totally didn't happen . . . Anyway, there's something to be said about not overanalyzing your closet and just wearing what works. A long-sleeved tee, a scarf, and jeans WORKS. I didn't feel the need to layer or pattern mix or anything. It was just what I needed for a casual day. Sometimes I feel like being a blogger increases dissatisfaction in the "every day unoriginal" type things because there's always a need to do more, to look better, to be unique, to share something original. Of course there is so much value in that, but there's also value in listening to what you already know to be true. Just some musings for the day! What do you think?

Snow in March 1 Snow in March 2.png Striped-Tee-Yellow-Scarf-Jeans-3png

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