Meet the Sponsors: March

It's been an absolute pleasure having two incredible sponsors hanging out with me this month. I've sincerely enjoyed getting to know them better and have loved reading and sharing their content! Ever since I reopened my sponsorship opportunities, I've been so blessed to connect with such high-quality bloggers with so much to offer. I know you will be blown away when you check them out yourselves! March 2014 Sponsors

My sponsor of the month is the lovely Kriselle from Livin' and Lovin'. This ambitious college student is one BUSY girl! I am amazed by how much she is able to accomplish all while managing a really fun blog. Kriselle's smile is contagious and she focuses on being positive and looking and feeling great. I really enjoyed her Two Ways to Wear series, especially this one on knitted sweaters. You'll be hearing from Kriselle in the near future and I can't wait to see what you think!

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I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to have Sara from Sincerely, Sara BACK on The Modern Austen this month! Last month, she graced us with her presence as a sponsor and I have so loved getting to know her even more in March. Sara and I have an exciting and informative post to share later this week and I think all of you job searching twenty-somethings will find it very helpful! And how awesome are these outfits inspired by the movie Penelope? I am so motivated by Sara and her love of books, style, and beauty and I always bookmark her reviews for my next trip to Target or Sephora.

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Thank you so much Kriselle and Sara for being such wonderful sponsors this month! If you want to join these lovely ladies, be sure to stop by my advertise page to read more about my options for every budget. (In fact, FOUR more people can use the code THEMODERNAUSTEN for 50% any ad spot! Act fast!) Sponsorship is so much more than sidebar real estate!