The Friday 5: v.16

The Friday 5 is a weekly feature highlighting interesting, controversial, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and/or creative content worth reading and sharing. I always find the best blog posts, articles, outfits, and inspiration from other bloggers, so I hope I can do the same for you. Here's to hoping something will make a difference in your weekend! The-Friday-5-v-16

  1.  Single lady? Don't fret. Here's what you can learn from flying solo for a while.
  2. If My Blog Was an Outfit
  3. Worried about falling under the "Blog Sell Out" category? Read Megan's Blog Talk on Sponsored Content vs. Selling Out to make more informed decisions about the financial side of blogging.
  4. Be still my heart: A Letter to English Majors
  5. These Graham Cracker Brownies look INCREDIBLE.

And on this side of town . . .

  1. 5 Ways to Simplify
  2. So . . . what does it mean to be a "modern Austen," anyway?
  3. 50 Shades of PURPLE
  4. What needs to be on your reading list
  5. Spontaneity is good for the soul.

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