Five Tips for Better Blogging RIGHT NOW

This weekend, I'm guest posting over at Life Could Be a Dream! Be sure to stop by and say hello because you won't want to miss this. I'm sharing five tips for better blogging that you can employ RIGHT NOW. These aren't mind-blowing, big changes, but I hope they'll serve as motivation for you to get moving and make some changes, no matter how small. Life can be busy--trust me, I get it--so small, but significant changes are the way to go!


  1. Set a Schedule. Decide how many days a week (or month) you'd ideally like to post and, if you write about multiple topics or have weekly features, break down what kind of post you will share on each day of the week. Don't stress if you don't stick to this schedule every week, but this goal will help motivate you to write AND give your readers something to rely on.For example, I decided to write 4-5 times a week. On Sundays and Wednesdays, I try to stick to fashion posts; while Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for lifestyle posts, book reviews, blog tips, or recipes; Fridays are reserved for The Friday 5. I don't always stick to this, but I have felt much more relaxed when planning for the week and I am held accountable throughout.
  2. Leave a (Genuine) Comment. It seems silly to even include this in a list of blog tips, but because more and more people are reading blogs via smart phones and tablets, commenting and engagement is decreasing significantly. I would suggesting "starring" or bookmarking the blog posts you found insightful or worth commenting on and dedicating an evening every week to sharing your thoughts. The BEST thing you can do to support other bloggers (who will in turn support you!) is to show you care and are listening.And please, be genuine and do not beg for followers or fans. People will come to you because of your amazing content and kind words, but you can be sure they'll stay away if you seem like you're just asking for favors. It's perfectly acceptable to leave a link or suggest a helpful blog post, but beyond that is just inappropriate for comments.
  3. Join a Blogging Community. There are endless benefits to joining a community and they will ALL help boost your blogging in a positive way. Whether your aim is to discuss blogging topics and issues or to learn how to monetize, communities will provide the content and support you need to grow.

    For younger bloggers (college-aged to mid-twenties), check out Her Campus Blogging Network or The Smart Girls Group. To join brand campaigns, build your readership and apply to Clever Girls Collective, Social Fabric, and/or Linqia. Finally, for local networks, search for communities in your city. I know Chicago has a fantastic blogging network and your city probably does, too! Many of these communities involve just a quick application process and you'll be growing in no time.

    If you don't have access to a community, create one! Erin from Living in Yellow has done an impressive job at creating an online community with her Blogger Happy Hour and Bonnie of The Life of Bon gathers  local bloggers in Provo together in her Grow Your Blog Roundtables.

Click on over to Life Could Be a Dream to read the last two tips!


Which tip(s) are you going to employ this week?