What Does it Mean to be a "Modern Austen?"

If you've been a reader since the very beginning of The Modern Austen (which, by the way, THANK YOU, you poor poor wonderful amazing thing, you!), you probably have some sort of understanding of the meaning behind my blog's name. And if you're a Jane Austen fan, it probably already clicked for you, at least a little bit. I outlined my choice of titles in my introductory post and I may have mentioned it here and there, but recently I have really been reflecting on what it means to be a "modern Austen" and am finding more and more that I absolutely love and buy into it. While I would love to claim all ownership over being THE modern Austen, I encourage all of us to embrace this kind of lifestyle. It's a good way to live. After all, Jane must've had it right or else we wouldn't be continuing to learn from her now. What-Does-It-Mean-To-Be-A-Modern-Austen

Being a "modern Austen" means:

  • Being career-driven and independent, but always keeping strong ties with family and friends
  • Embracing and thriving in the midst of change
  • Remaining authentic despite societal pressures
  • Appreciating the beauty of every day living instead of prospering only in extravagance
  • Representing a strong female figure, inspiring other women to achieve their potential
  • Never giving up
  • Exercising wit and humor intelligently and appropriately
  • Becoming a life-long learner
  • Accepting praise humbly and modestly
  • Balancing private and public knowledge
  • Embracing and appreciating personal flaws in oneself and in others
  • Being the best version of YOU

It all seems like so much to live up to, doesn't it? But even so, I feel inspired. I am inspired to be my best self, to strive for more, to serve as a role model, to embrace change, to find balance and peace even in the little things. Jane Austen was an incredible soul and this list is only a snapshot of what she continually offers the world. Don't you want to be that kind of person? Someone who just gets what it means to be a human, adapting to shifting changes while still clinging to truths? Someone who can inspire others to do better and be better?

I write this list humbly acknowledging that I am nowhere near achieving this accomplished list, but I DO know that I am on my way because I have the passion to do so. You, too, hold the power to achieve your version of the modern Austen. Join me?


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