How to Pair Accessories with Your Outfits and Look Confident

Today, I am so excited to introduce my sponsor of the month, Marlene from MDC Artistic Designs. This amazing artist sells some seriously stunning jewelry and occasionally shares some helpful posts how the best ways to wear and take care of your jewelry. I found her post When NOT to Wear Your Jewelry to be particularly useful and I've tucked it away for future reference. Marlene has put together a fantastic post for all of you about pairing the right accessories with your outfits to look confident. Be sure to read through to the end for a great surprise :) Are you still struggling to pull together a perfect look for work, dinner with friends, or a date night with your partner?  You are a student and think it’s impossible to pull off a sleek look with less money?  You are a mom and think that a tee, yoga pants, and a pony tail is a great sense of style after welcoming your little ones to the world?  You work from home and think that you don’t need a professional looking attire?  Looking great takes way too much effort and planning?  Going to the mall is too big of a hassle and shopping online is well, just too much of a risk?

Okay, I hear you!  Enough with the questions, what is the solution.  At first, putting yourself together might require some thinking on your part and some trial and error, but it’s definitely achievable.

If you are already a follower of The Modern Austen you know that simple steps, knowing what fits your body, and finding beautiful and affordable clothing and accessories is key to making a stylish wardrobe.  Marissa makes it look effortless, right?  Well, you can too and here are some examples of what you can do to whip up a well put together outfit.

  • Making it work for day and night with small changes


Let’s use Marissa as a an example.  In her blog post from February 10, she is rocking a beautiful charcoal blazer from LOFT with jeans, boots, and a gorgeous pair of earrings.  She looks classy, stylish, and exudes confidence for a coffee date with friends or for work.  Make a small change to the outfit, like adding a pencil skirt instead of jeans, and voilà, you are ready for a great dinner date at your favorite restaurant or meeting with clients.  Mix and match is always a great solution to making timeless pieces a staple in your wardrobe.

  • Make your jacket a fashionable accessory and add a touch of style with a necklace or statement earrings


I’m wearing a jacket from Cielo Jeans USA that I purchased at a new favorite shop of mine, Altar’d State, at a fraction of a price ($20). Seriously, I could not pass this up.  It’s black and we know we can pair black with any color.  It’s so versatile and always a classic.  Throw into the mix the cutest Aztec shirt that I bought there as well and pair it with my Aqua Chaceldony Statement Earrings and I’ve got myself a creative ensemble.


Lets use the same jacket and add to the mix a sweater, I got on another sale on Pimperline, which as recently sold out, and my Heart Lace Necklace, and it makes for a fresh, classy look.

With these outfits, I can easily transition from my role as a Stay-at-home-mom to a Work-from-home-mom.

  • Throw in a scarf and a SMALL pair of earrings

Scarves are a principal piece in any wardrobe and you can see I capitalized “small” for earrings.  If you want to keep your earrings intact, you should consider wearing a small pair of earrings so they don’t get tangled in your scarf.

A friend called me in despair when her earrings caught in her scarf and came apart.  It’s happened to me as well and although adding a statement earring with a scarf can look fashionable, it’s not really the wisest of choices.

A pearl or gemstone ear post earring with a beautiful scarf can add detail to your outfit and is pretty universal.  Wear them anytime and anywhere for a cool, feminine look.  You will look stylish for your next trip to the mall or playing with the kids at the playground.

Examples of the type of earrings from my shop that would go great with a scarf are the cloud earrings that you can have a look HERE and HERE.

  • Be creative and versatile

If you are wearing dark professional clothing that makes you look serious, why not add a pop of color to add a bit of artistry to your overall look.  Have fun with your jewelry. Why not rock it with a pair of statement earrings?  You most likely will feel confident, garner lots of compliments, and still be taken like a serious professional.  Consider purchasing pieces that will also compliment several outfits or better yet, you can wear at work or on weekends.

The Circle Swirls Earrings and the Natural Green Onyx Statement Earrings are good examples depending on your preference of gold or silver jewelry.

  • Keep it on the “light” side

I, too, love jewelry, but find it unfashionable when I see someone wearing several layers of bangles, necklaces, and statement earrings all at once.  The look is very distracting and adds no value to your overall look.  Plus, it clashes with your outfit.

Keep it real and if you are going to do layers, choose a piece that will suit your overall look and where you want to draw attention.  If you want to wear bangles, don’t wear a layer of necklaces and vice-versa.  If you are wearing statement earrings, just skip the necklace for a day.  You’ll look like a million bucks for much less.  You will continue drawing the “right” attention to you and people will be drawn to what you are saying or doing.  Plus, you will most likely garner more compliments when one can focus on one piece of jewelry.

The secret I’ve had since working in the corporate world is to shop for great sales on clothing, especially end of season sales, and adding accessories that I purchased from independent jewelers.  I love the unique and creative outlet they offer and enjoy pairing the earrings or necklaces with affordable clothing.

What sets MDC Artistic Designs apart?  I make unique pieces that only one woman will wear.  From time to time, I may make a similar piece for myself which I can showcase to others.  So, wearing a MDC Artistic Designs piece, you will be the lucky person to wear it and I won’t recreate it unless it’s in another gemstone color or material.  You can find my designs, praise for my work, and my blog at

You can’t find what you are looking for, I can customize a pair.  You can use the contact form on my website or write to me at with your questions.

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