Let's Blate

A little over a week ago, I had the privilege of going on my first blate. That is: date + blog = blate. (No, I haven't been on any real dates in a while. . . oh hey Valentine's Day!) I've been talking with Kristin from My Life as a Teacup for several months now (neither of us can remember exactly how or why we started talking!), after immediately connecting over our love of Pittsburgh, literature, and blogging. The more we talked, the more we realized how much we actually had in common and how small the world really is. There's a pretty good possibility that we've crossed paths on many occasions growing up! Let's-Blate

Anyway, we had talked about meeting up at some point, but two Thursdays ago, we finally made it official! Kristin had introduced me to Levo League, a networking community for professional Gen Y women, and I saw there was a Pittsburgh event, a Vision and Goal Setting Workshop, and I just so happened to be in town that day. Kristin and I decided we'd meet up for dinner beforehand and then attend the workshop together.

There's a whole different set of nerves and excitement that comes before a blate. I think Kristin and I were both more nervous and anxious than we would've been prior to a real date! But we quickly discovered there was nothing to be worried about. We didn't stop talking from the moment we met up at Winghart's Burger and Whiskey Bar and shared a Winghart Attack pizza, complete with chili, cheese, and fries. We're from Pittsburgh, okay? We swapped hilarious stories, shared our current career woes, and talked blog shop. We have these big ambitions when it comes to the Pittsburgh blogosphere--so if you're a Pittsburgh blogger, please contact one of us! Kristin is super sweet, funny, and down-to-earth and I'm really glad this blogging community has brought us together.

blatephoto courtesy of @jessicacharlene

We headed over to our Local Levo event where we met up with a group of really fabulous women, including my amazing friend Shannon. We were especially thrilled to connect with Jessica (of In Pursuit of Simple) and Carly (soon-to-be-blogger!), the current masterminds behind the Pittsburgh chapter. The workshop was completely therapeutic and really helpful at identifying ways to achieve my longer-term goals. If you haven't checked to see if there is a Levo League chapter in your city, make sure you do so! (And if there isn't one already, you can start one!)

Having reflected on the entire evening, I feel very motivated and excited about the future. I would love to go on more blates with all sorts of wonderful bloggers and continue to attend Levo League events. And most of all, I want to continue building relationships with people. That's what this whole blogging thing is about, isn't it? It was a great evening.

So, the real question is: Wanna blate?