January Budget

Budgeting Bloggers, hosted by Fran, is a great way to hold myself accountable for my clothing purchases each month. It helps to track my spending habits, identify trends, and streamline my wardrobe with more intention. Check out what other bloggers purchased this month! January wasn't too terrible in terms of a budget, especially when you consider the amount I spent versus the number and type of items I got. There were a few sales I had to take advantage of at work (LOFT) before the clothes were gone for good and I couldn't pass up some final sale items at The Limited.

January 2014 Budget

Here's what I purchased this month:




The Limited:

  • Black Blazer- originally $79.99, purchased for $29.99 final sale (very similar)
  • Blue Teal Statement Necklace- purchased for $6.99 (not shown in picture or available online)
  • Colorful Gem Statement Necklace- purchased for $19.99 (not shown in picture or available online)

Total Spent This Month: $140.30

Some of these items were replacement basic items, like the black skinny jeans and black blazer. I felt like they were justified purchased given their price and versatility. I feel very confident in all of the purchases I made because I know they will be worn many, many times in a variety of ways. Even though I didn't want to spend very much this month, I don't have regrets about what I did buy. I call that a success.

I have a feeling next month will include some bigger purchases because I am in the process of switching stores (more explanation later . . . big news to come) and will have to use some of my major coupons in my original store. There's a great striped lined open ponte blazer and Julie slim bootcut black dress pants I have my eye on from LOFT. These are, once again, wardrobe basics that can be used for all sorts of occasions. We'll see if they pop up in February :)

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