Literary Decor for Bibliophiles

Literary Decor for Bibliophiles2 I don't think you can ever take a bibliophile's love of literature away from her. Just as she needs air to breath, she needs books to keep her alive. Not just physically alive, but truly alive. There's just something magical about opening up a book, leafing through the crisp pages, and diving in. Even if one is not an avid reader, being surrounded by books, such as in a library, is one of the most calming environments in which we are our most thoughtful and creative.

Even if I decide not to teach English ever again, or if I make a career of it for the rest of my life, nothing will ever take away my passion for reading. I will never become sick or weary of it, bored or eternally frustrated with it. Every book  leaves us with something to grasp hold of and never let go--even if we don't particularly enjoy the book.

So I've made it an unconscious goal of mine to add elements of literary decor in my humble bedroom in my apartment--just bits and pieces of the written word to bring beauty and relaxation to the space. If you're a self-proclaimed bibliophile, you may need to incorporate these beauties if you haven't already:

Literary Decor 1

Literary Decor 2

Literary Decor 3

Literary Decor 4

Literary Decor 5

Literary Decor 6

Remember that yellow record cabinet I got for free and spruced up with my dad's help? I used it as a TV stand in my last apartment, but now it's been upgraded to a bedside table. I think it looks lovely when the light pours in from the windows, especially underneath a stack of go-to books to choose from. Books alone can be works of art. Carefully stacking them, whether by size, color, genre, author, or all of the above, is an art in itself, even. 

Using practical items like a literary mug for more than just sipping tea is another way to display your love of literature in a small, but special way. I received my mug as a Christmas present, but you can purchase it from Cafepress, along with an assortment of amazing literary gifts.

The two prints hanging above my bed are also Christmas presents and I adore them. They're called litographs and they're made up of tiny words that form images. The print on the left is using the text Emma by Jane Austen (naturally) and the one on the right is of the New Testament of the Bible. They're just stunning works of art both close-up and from afar. My prints were purchased from Litographs among a long list of other classic works. Last year, I bought The Great Gatsby print for my friend Elizabeth, but it was hard for me to choose from their other goodies: tote bags and t-shirts.

Lastly, Ashlie purchased this Barnes and Noble quote throw for me for Christmas (and then she bought herself one) so we snuggle up in them every night in front of the TV, basking in our literary awesomeness (okay, I'm slightly kidding . . . but only slightly). They're soft and lovely and pretty to look at, making it one very useful piece of literary decor.

Have you incorporated some literary decor into your home? If so, what do you proudly display to declare your bibliophile status? 

*By the way, I was not contacted to promote or compensated for sharing these products. In fact, none of these are even affiliate links. I just like to share items that I personally love and recommend!*