Keeping it Classy, Yet Fun

The Modern Austen received a minor facelift yesterday! When I get in a certain mood, I have to act on it no matter what. I have this tendency to throw myself into projects and emerge hours later, but they're done! I have some more changes to make, like adding SPONSORSHIP opportunities again (finally!), so if you are potentially interested in that, shoot me an email or comment. I'll have Passionfruit going in the near future, but it would be great to see if anyone wants to collaborate in some way. :) Thanks to all who helped me out with my blog's commenting issues. It appears that I have a few rogue plug-ins who are not playing nice with each other. I have been messing around with deleting/deactivating certain plug-ins, but I'm having a hard time narrowing down the culprit. Comments are working for some people and not for others so I have no way of testing it on my own! :( It is incredibly frustrating. I am really appreciative of those who have gone out of their way to show their support and to let me know they're reading, even if they can't comment. You guys ROCK.

So on to today's outfit! I've decided I'm going to try to keep fashion/style content on Mondays and Wednesdays (and more if I have more to show) and then other content on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays. I hope that will keep things easier for people who only like to view certain topics.

Gap Patterned Oxford Black Shell Black Jeans 1 Gap Patterned Oxford Black Shell Black Jeans 2 Gap Patterned Oxford Black Shell Black Jeans 3

Oxford: Gap (on sale) Shell: H&M (similar) Jeans: LOFT Flats: Payless Earrings: c/o Ashlie via Target (similar)

I really liked this classy, yet fun ensemble. I picked up this printed oxford at Gap a little bit ago, using a giftcard from Christmas, scoring it for around $6. It's a fitted boyfriend style and is extremely flattering. The sleeves are tailored more than typical oxfords, the texture is soft and forgiving, and it has a more casual feel than your usual structured button-down. I feel like this is a shirt that can be worn year-round, like this skirt I talked about last week. I think buying pieces that are extremely versatile is the key, proven by Audrey's success with her blog Putting Me Together. (By the way, if you haven't been reading her Behind the Blog series yet, you need to! It has been great discussion material and has helped to refocus me a bit more. It's a nice departure from the same tips you seem to find over and over again.)

Another piece that will never go out of style is the classic black shell. I would advise every woman to get one with a scoop neck in a sweater material because it can be worn in every season and layered under and over basically anything. Maybe I'll have to do a post on that in the future. I picked up this H&M shell years ago and it has stayed in my closet, begging to be worn. I'll be honest--I forget it's there. But when I do wear it, I always wonder why I don't more often. It is meant for dressier ensembles, but I tried to keep it classy, yet fun by pairing it with color and pattern. Plus, it's got a super cute key-hole opening in the back. Love the little details.

Gap Patterned Oxford Black Shell Black Jeans 4

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