Decorate Your Desktop (With Some Inspiration)

I posted my first Decorate Your Desktop before Christmas because I wanted a new desktop for both my laptop and my iPhone. I really enjoy creating my own graphics, even if I still am a novice. I'm thinking about posting a new desktop for all of you each month. Not only will it be great fun to have something fresh to look at each month, but it will also give me an excuse to sharpen some of these self-taught graphic design skills. I have been going back and forth about what I wanted January's desktop to look like. Naturally, with New Year's Resolutions and the idea of living more intentionally, I wanted to create something that was inspirational. When I posted La Vie En Rose's post last Friday, her phrase "bloom where you are planted" has become a kind of mantra in my head. I've been struggling a lot with accepting and appreciating where I currently am, instead of constantly wishing I was already in my future or getting upset and nostalgic over the past. I hope the sentiment can bring you hope and strength to face what you are dealing with now and learn to flourish no matter the circumstances. Go on . . . decorate that desktop!

Decorate Your Desktop_Bloom Where You Are Planted

2560 x 1440 // 1280 x 1024 // 1024 x 768 // iPhone // iPhone5 // Facebook Cover Photo

I watched a TED talk yesterday delivered by the amazing Lizzie Velaquez who asked the question, "How do you define yourself?" So often we allow our circumstances to define who we are and we sit in defeat, thinking things just have to be how they are. But I challenge myself and I challenge you to bloom where you are planted and not let the things that have defined you continue to do so. We have the power to grow and change and evolve and prosper right where we are.

How are you blooming today? This month? 

Let me know if you have trouble downloading or if the desktop comes out pixel-y. Thanks!