My Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

It's no surprise that I like photos. If you follow my Instagram or check out my Facebook and blog archives, you'll see thousands of them. One of my absolutely favorite things about owning a smart phone is the ability to capture moments at any time, anywhere. There's hundreds of photo apps out there, many of which have impressive editing capabilities, but only a few have the right combination of features to be worth downloading. Even though I try to stick to one or two apps to edit my photos, these five are my go-tos when it comes to preparing photos for sharing--almost always for Instagram.

My Top 5 Photo Editing Apps 3

My Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

snapseed photo editing app1. Snapseed

I only just found out about this photo editing app, but I love it so far! It has amazing capabilities to transform a basic photo into a better quality image. Not only can you tweak the brightness, contrast, sharpening/softening, ambience, and saturation, but you can also apply a center focus on any part of the picture; add filters such a grunge, vintage, drama, and HDR scape; and tilt and shift the photo.

camera+ photo editing app2. Camera+

I've used this photo editing app for a long time and it has served me well. It was recently updated to include a lot more adjustable features in "The Lab" to include tint, duotone, soft focus, film grain, sharpen, blur, saturation, temperature, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows. If this seems too technical for you, you can skip straight to the filters and choose from over 30 unique filters.

VSCOcam photo editing app3. VSCOcam

I haven't used this app all that often, but it's all the rage for many Instagrammers. It's simple to use because you snap or upload a photo and then scroll through a relatively short list of filter options. It's a great app for quick fixes and easy uploads to social media. I'd recommend this for users who don't want to mess with the technical side of photo editing but would still like an improved photo.

picstitch photo editing app4. Pic Stitch

I included this because it's the best option for piecing together multiple photos at a time. It allows you to upload photos and choose from several premade layouts. It's simple and makes importing to another app easy. I use this app in conjunction with any of the previous apps after editing is complete.


rhonnadesigns photo editing app5. Rhonna Designs

This app, created by fellow blogger, Rhonna, from Rhonna Designs, was recently named one of iTunes Best of 2013 apps in the Trend/Style Photo Editing category. This is a completely unique photo editing app because it doesn't focus so much on the picture itself, but rather adds overlays and designs. I use Rhonna Designs mostly for motivational quotes or pictures that warrant a fun caption or design. This app has tons of fonts and previously designed quotes, tag-lines, and fun shapes to choose from and is easy to use.

Last year, I shared my top 6 iPhone Apps. What are your favorites? Do you use any other photo editing apps?