Best of 2013: Outfits

I know it seems a bit belated to do a Best of 2013 series, but whatever. This is my blog and I'll do what I please. ;) I can't begin to tell you what a walk down memory lane (the good, the bad, and most certainly, the ugly) it was to go back through the ol' archives to choose the best outfits from 2013. It's completely enlightening to scroll through these eighteen outfits chronologically. Not only do the seasons change, but so does my style, my camera quality, my dress code, my hair style, and--to me, at least--my lifestyle and attitude.

Enjoy the journey. You can click on each picture to check out the individual post with outfit information.

Modcloth Dress and Blazer

Remixed Purple Dress

Purple Dress Pants with Black and Red Accents

Blazer Striped Top and Bootcut Jeans

eShakti Adelaide Dress in Poppy Red

Outfits from 2013: Poppy Red Cropped Pants paired with Black and White Top and Black Wedges

Outfits from 2013: LOFT navy peplum blazer and skinny jeans

Outfits from 2013: Poppy Red Cropped Pants Bow Flower Blouse Green Cardigan 1

Outfits from 2013: LOFT Striped Skirt and tee 2

Outfits from 2013: Limited Green Tank Black Skinnys 1

Outfits from 2013: Gray and Mint Ruffles and Jeans 2

Outfits from 2013: Bow Tie Blouse Gray Sweater Black Skinnys 3

Outfits from 2013: Turbulence 1

Outfits from 2013: Argyle Sweater Vest Oxford Blazer Skinny Jeans Riding Boots 2

Outfits from 2013: Purple Colorblock Skirt Black Tee Purple Winter Scarf Tights Boots 1

Outfits from 2013: Grey Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 5

Outfits from 2013: Black Lace Tee Sweater Skinny Jeans Flats Twisted Gold Necklace 2

Outfits from 2013: Christmas Eve Outfit 2013

So I gotta know: which of the outfits from 2013 is your favorite? (Dare I ask: least favorite? Gulp.) I have been thinking a lot about my wardrobe and how it makes me feel and where I'd like to take it in the future recently. I know it sounds superficial, but it really does have an impact on my confidence and mood and creativity. I have some ideas and thoughts floating around in my head--we'll see what becomes of it! How do you handle the urge to completely revamp and start from (almost) scratch?