How to Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater in Public

Festive Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater 1Festive Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater_How to Wear it in Public

Sweatshirt: Handmade by me (Crewneck from Walmart) Blouse: LOFT Outlet Jeans: LOFT Scarf: CozyCatCrafts (made by Laura from Forever Above Me!) Moccasins: c/o Ashlie (store in Lewistown)

Last year I posted a tutorial for how to make an Alternative Ugly Christmas Sweater--you know, one that's actually kind of cute but can also be made as tacky as the occasion allows. It's an incredibly easy DIY and uses the same technique as Ashlie and my personalized dollar stockings. Be sure to check the sweatshirt tutorial out--I finally updated the terrible quality picture from last year! (Can't really recreate the process pictures, however, sorry!)

Anyway, we all wear our ugly Christmas sweaters to parties (well, except me since I wasn't invited to any :P), but here's how you can have the courage to wear yours out in public, especially around the holidays when it's still socially acceptable to be super festive.

Five Do's and Don'ts for Wearing Your Ugly Christmas Sweater . . . in Public

1. Do pair it with jeans or cords. I know you've worn yours with bright colored leggings or some crazy sequined pants, but save that for the party. I promise you, you'll still look great. You hear me? PUT DOWN THE LED LIGHT-UP PANTS WITH BATTERY PACK SEWN IN.

2. Don't be tempted to sport the patterned turtleneck (circa 1994) you so wonderfully coordinated with your sweater. Stick to a solid tee in a nice contrasting color. I assure you this is a good life decision. Did you SEE the JC Penney catalogue from 1990 circulating around Facebook? (Pure gold.)

3. Do use accessories sparingly. Here I'm wearing a simple knit scarf that makes it cozy; you may be tempted to wear your fuzzy patterned scarf or jingle bell earrings (and girl, I know you can rock them), but let your sweatshirt be the focal point. Stick to solids if you're not sure.

4. Do walk with confidence. Think Beyonce.

5. Don't apologize for being festive. There is a very small window of opportunity to look this cool and you must own it.

Anyone else have any good tips? Anyone think you just shouldn't wear them at all? HAHA just kidding I know that was a silly question to ask ;)

I plan on sporting this off and on all of Christmas break until it is time to pack it away for next year! Can't believe Christmas is in TWO days! What are your plans? Today I work my LAST day of 2013 and then I'm off to Pittsburgh to be with my family up until New Year's Eve. I can't wait. I feel like it's going to absolutely fly by, so here's to hoping we can all treasure every moment.