Calling All Writers, Love-Ambassadors, Christmas-Cheer-Meisters, and Friends

My dear, dear friends, today is an important day! We are on day FIVE of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing, a holiday campaign created by More Love Letters. I've already shared my first love letter writing experience and invited all of you to join the Twitter kick-off bash, but today is go time. It's time for all of us to step up and commit to bringing cheer to someone very very in need. deckthehalls_coverphoto

I know you're out there.

I know you've thought writing love letters to strangers seemed a bit odd, but you could see how it would make someone's day instantly brighter.

I know you've thought you could write one, but you've never been so great with words or maybe you're just not too sure what to say.

Well friends, we need you. And you can do it! More Love Letters has some great tips for constructing a love letter, but you want to know the #1 best tip for participating in MLL? Write from the heart. Imagine what you would want to read on that page and what would bring you the most hope, love, closure, happiness, clarity, whatever you think that person needs most and write it. Don't worry if it's not perfect. It already will be in the eyes of the receiver.

And if you're still stuck, it's this simple:


Check, check, check? Good.

We've already had some really deserving love bundle requests and I encourage you to check them out and start scripting! But today I want to tell you about Elizabeth and how you can make her holiday.

Bundle Recipient:  Elizabeth
Request: Scripted by her loving sister, this request is for the wonderful Elizabeth! Her sister writes: “My sister is a strong and amazing woman. She has been struggling with Crohn's Disease her entire life and it is only getting worse every day. She is suffering in pain and missing out on a life that should belong to her. Everyday she gets up and cares for her son, but inside she has an unending pain. When you endure this disease it takes away your self acceptance, your self love, and can make you doubt everything about yourself. She needs more people to care for her, to send her love, to tell her how amazing and beautiful she is, and that no matter how hard her journey is, she will make it through because she is strong, beautiful and wonderful and her happiness is in her own hands.” Join us in sending love to Elizabeth!
Please send all love letters to:
(We ask that all love letters be in the mailbox by December 20th!)

Elizabeth's Bundle c/o Samantha S. P.O. BOX 507 Chatsworth, GA 30705

More Love Letters 12 Days of Love Letter Writing Day 5 Elizabeth Bundle

Dear Elizabeth,

You are a warrior. As I learned of your story and the hardships you endure on a regular basis, I immediately saw you as a fighter equipped with all of the necessary strength, wit, love, passion, drive, and will to defeat and overcome anything.

I want you to know that even though Crohn's Disease affects you every day, it does not define you. You have a choice and each day you choose to fight. You choose your son, your family, your friends, and yes, you choose yourself.

You, my friend, are a beautiful gem worth knowing--worth loving. You give so much strength and inspiration and happiness to those around you--even strangers. On the days when you feel like you're drowning, remember you have the power to overcome. Claim the life and love that is so rightfully yours. Don't forget to shower yourself with the same love you selflessly give to others.

A candle aflame with light dispels the darkness. One life afire with love can change the world.

Thinking of, praying for, and smiling about you.

Much love,

A Friend


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