It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The snow is falling, the lights are up, the slippers are constantly on, and the cheesy ABC Family Original Christmas movies are blaring. It's Christmas time! I've been trying my best to slow things down and enjoy the holiday season so far. Part of that involved sewing some fabulous plaid infinity scarves to top off pretty much all of my outfits. I'll be sharing that tutorial soon! AND one of you might be lucky enough to win one down the road . . . Keep checking back for details. Anyway, this past weekend we were hit with a snow storm. I was fortunate enough to take these pictures before it got too nasty out. I actually ended up getting to leave work early because we closed early and because I was literally panicking about driving in the snow (a result of a horrific car accident almost two years ago). I don't have a lot of all-consuming fears, but this one really gets me. Does anyone else have this fear? Or other paralyzing fears?

I hope it's not terribly obvious that this outfit was worn out of sheer comfort and warmth. It was the perfect outfit for a lazy Sunday at work. I think by adding a scarf, earrings, and leather boots, this look is a little more put-together and suitable for going out in public.

Gray Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 1

Gray Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 2

Gray Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 3

Sweater: NY & Co. (not showing up online yet?) Tee: LOFT (Goodwill) (similar) Leggings: LOFT Boots: JC Penney Scarf: Handmade by me Earrings: c/o Jess

I very rarely wear leggings, especially on their own. Luckily, I still passed the "no leggings as pants" rule because the sweater covers my butt completely. Huzzah! (Otherwise, I would be in jeans.) I decided to do the whole layering/pattern-mixing thing because it's kind of become my staple this season. I stuck with a gray palette and chose a subtle pattern so it wouldn't clash too much with the plaid scarf. This also may have been the third day in a row I've worn a plaid scarf . . . so . . . there's that.

Gray Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 4

Grey Sweater Cardigan Black Leggings Boots Plaid Scarf 5

How are you getting ready for Christmas? I've got some fun tutorials and reads from last year that might help get you in the holiday spirit!

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