The Girl Between the Lines v.1

Probably my most favorite thing about blogging is the opportunity to connect with readers and bloggers from all over the world--especially ones whom I may never have met otherwise. The blogs I enjoy the most are written by bloggers who aren't afraid to be themselves and to share that beautiful self in unique ways through their content. If we're being honest with ourselves, blogs (or bloggers, specifically) can seem a bit narcissistic, especially from the outside; I am sure that people can be turned away by bloggers talking about themselves or sharing pictures of themselves on a public forum. This delicate balance between sharing one's self and appealing to others is a tricky one to achieve, but it can always be done by being honest and unapologetically YOU. I find it fascinating to read how bloggers represent themselves and I'm looking forward to a new link-up that allows us to share a bit more about ourselves for the sheer purpose of getting to know new friends! Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange and Lauren from The Albrechts Blog put together a weekly link-up titled "The Girl Between the Lines." Each week has a new prompt that encourages bloggers to discuss topics they might not normally discuss in their original content. I decided to join in this week!

Today's prompt: Share a photo of you along with three things you love about yourself. 

 Carafe_Marissaoriginal outfit post here

  1. I love that I'm wildly ambitious. I have lots of ideas and I'm always pursuing something. I am always striving for something bigger and better, but I still appreciate the progress I've made along the way.
  2. I love my ability to let go of negativity. I can't stay angry, upset, hurt, frustrated, annoyed, etc. for very long.
  3. I love my passion. When I truly believe in something, I let it become a part of me. This is true for many things, but especially blogging, Kappa Delta, literature, and music.

This was actually a tough prompt, even for someone who has a great relationship with herself, and I would encourage all of you to think hard about it and leave your three things in the comments below. Let's get to know each other better :)