The Multifaceted Tablet for the Multifaceted Woman

This holiday season, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I purchased a new #IntelTablet to experience the power of Intel Inside. All opinions are my own.

When I started this blog over a year and a half ago, I had zero intentions of labeling myself in terms of "niches." I knew that I would gravitate towards specific topics and interests--style, DIY, book reviews, etc.--but I knew that I could never just be a fashion blogger, a DIY blogger, and so on. Instead, I focused on just being authentically me. And I am multifaceted. You are multifaceted. People are not defined by just one "thing" anymore--we aren't only our professions or our relationships or our interests--and I find that to be a beautiful and wonderful thing. How boring would life be otherwise! Being a multifaceted person presents its challenges, however, because we strive to be able to do, discuss, share, and be all of the things we are and hope to be. Therefore, it's important to find resources that will allow us to be our full selves with ease. Luckily, technology has given us easier, more efficient ways to succeed, especially in the form of tablets, so we can take our work and play anywhere at any time. Recently, I was on a mission to find a tablet that would work for me, the multifaceted woman.

Asus ME302c Tablet In Store #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

Being an Apple girl at heart (I shared My Top 6 Apps awhile back), I was hesitant about exploring other tablet options besides the iPad, like Android or Windows, but I am quite pleased that I was open-minded.  In doing so, I was opened up to a lot more affordable options that still functioned just as well.

During my search, I knew I wanted to find a tablet with an Intel processor. I've always been impressed with the Intel core in all of my computers, so once I found out they were in tablets, too, this was a must-have. This allows for great speed, impressive graphics, and outstanding battery life.

I completed my shopping trip at Office Depot and found the employees to be very kind and helpful. They were able to address my questions about the functionality of the tablets offered, so I could find a tool that worked for my needs. I decided that I would need a tablet that could do the following:

  • Allow me to blog efficiently
  • Offer a wide-range of apps
  • Surf the web quickly
  • Take pictures and videos
  • Keep up on social media
  • Assist with my job search
  • Function as an e-reader

Naturally, I wanted to be able to do these things from anywhere at anytime, which is the luxury of a tablet vs. a laptop. In the end, after talking with the employees, I settled on the Asus ME302c Tablet and am very happy with it!

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel Blogger Uses #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

Here's what I like about the Asus ME302c:

It's a great size. The 10.1 inch screen is big enough that you can see your apps and browser with ease, but it's still portable enough to throw into a purse or bag.

It has a ton of apps to choose from. Using the Google Play store, I can download almost all of the apps I have on my iPhone and then some.

It's fast and it's pretty. Because of the Intel processor, it's super fast and functional and the graphics look great.

It takes sharp photos and videos. I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the camera quality. It has dual cameras so I can take selfies AND pictures of other things. #winning #girlproblems #bloggerproblems Ashlie and I even filmed, edited, uploaded, AND blogged our Sweater Weather video on my Android Tablet!

It doesn't need charged every day. The battery life does, indeed, rock. I only need to charge it after a few days or after I've been using it for long periods of time.

It's simple. While I love my Macbook and I love my iPhone, my Asus kind of marries the two without the extra problems of a full start-up disk or tiny screen.

Even more than these things, this tablet addresses all of the needs I shared above.

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel for Everyday Life #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

Here's a snapshot of my home screen right now. I placed all of my most used apps on this page for easy access. I can move, add, and/or delete apps easily and even group them on separate pages by categories. I can easily use this tablet for everyday life purposes like replying to emails, checking the weather, and browsing the internet.

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel for Blogging #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

One of my biggest concerns about getting a tablet was being able to blog from it without any hassle. Because of the Dropbox, Wordpress, Bloglovin, Hootsuite, and social media apps, I am able to carry out my typical blog functions without relying completely on my slowly-dying laptop.


Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel for Business #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

In addition to blogging, the variety of apps allow me to stay organized and get work done fast. While I am on the job hunt, it's really important that I can access LinkedIn, add to my calendar, browse the internet, track my spending, and share documents quickly from anywhere at any time. 

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel for Entertainment #IntelTablets #cbias #shop

But my tablet isn't just for work, of course. I love being able to access fun apps and features so I can listen to music, catch up on TV shows, edit videos, and READ BOOKS. I've been wanting an e-reader for so long that one of the first things I did with my Asus was to borrow Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman from the library and download it to my Kindle app. I don't usually buy books or movies, so having access to them without going to the store is exciting to me.

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel for Social Media #IntelTablets #cbias #shoppinterest // twitter // facebook // instagram

Lastly, I like to be connected to my friends, family, and blog family at all times (and unplug only when I want to, not when I have to). Being able to access apps on the go is always possible on my iPhone, but sometimes I need a bigger screen to compose longer responses or to scroll through my news feeds. Not to mention, it's really nice to be able to share content (such as links or pictures) that wouldn't necessarily be easy to do so on a smart phone. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the Asus ME302c tablet because it lets me be multifaceted and do everything I need or want in one place. I can't wait to travel with it down the road! I would recommend it to people interested in buying a tablet to function as their "supertool" but not wanting to invest in an expensive option. You can learn more about the product and purchase it on sale here.

Asus ME302c Tablet with Intel Blogger #IntelTablets #cbias #shop