More Love Letters, Please

Last week, I did something I haven't done in quite a while: I wrote a love letter. I also did something I've never done before: I wrote a love letter to a stranger.

No, I'm not talking about your typical love letter in which you confess your undying love and adoration for someone and hope they'll check YES to go out with you (God forbid they check no) or the one in which you doodle your name Mrs.Marissa ______ at the end. No, I'm talking about something even better.

The world needs more love letters. The kind of love letter that anyone could pick up, read, and walk away changed. The kind of love letter you think about hours after you've set it down. The kind of love letter that encourages, sympathizes, assures, calms, revives, motivates, forgives, pleads, cares. The kind of love letter that says, "I don't care what you've done or what you haven't done. What matters is what you will do from now on." The kind of love letter that says, "You are more than enough." The kind of love letter that changes lives.

Hannah Brencher had this vision in 2010 and wrote love letters to strangers and placed them all over New York City in hopes that the recipient would be encouraged and hopeful. One year and 400 letters later, she founded More Love Letters--an incredible community of letter-writers. Not only do MLL writers leave letters all over the world, but they also send bundles of love to strangers in need. Additionally, Kids Cursive and Campus Cursive were born to bring the experience to students on a more personal level.

Best part is? You don't have to be an official member of the team to participate. That's the point! Anyone and everyone should join this community of love-sharers.

I took a leap of faith, clumsily composed my first letter, and set off to find the perfect hiding spot--the Thanksgiving card section at a Dollar store--and walked away feeling incredible.

Even though the chances of me finding a love letter are slim, I think just reading the found letters on is like discovering them myself. These letters are meant for you and for me and for everyone.

We can all gain something from giving a little love. 

More Love Letters #1

Dear Friend,

I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but that all changes now. This letter was meant for you and only you, which means we are forever connected. We may never cross paths in real life, but I’d like to think I’ve passed you on the street or maybe we’ve ridden the same bus. Thinking about this just reinforces the idea that we, all humans—unique and special—are all connected in some magical and unexplainable way. You see, now I know you. I see your struggles, your pain, your hopes, your love, and I’m right there with you.

I want you to know that you are loved. You are thought about, treasured, and loved. Whatever you are going through may seem so hard, but you are doing great. Don’t give up. Soon, you’ll be able to look back and know that you went through it for a reason and wow, look how far you’ve come! 

I seek comfort from a poem entitled “Desiderata,” written by Max Ehrmann in 1927. These days, I find myself rereading it daily because, like you, I am struggling. But maybe, just maybe, we can find peace in knowing we aren’t alone. Isn’t that what we are all here on earth for anyway? To help one another. I’m sharing the poem on the back of this letter in hopes that it resonates with you as it has for me. Just know that even though I see your pain, I also see your joys and accomplishments and they are beautiful. Don’t forget to give yourself some love. You deserve it.

Much Love,

A Friend


If you do anything today, make sure you read the poem. It's life-changing. And then, go write a love letter. <3