Colorblocking is a Thing

Purple Bow Tie Blouse Pink Cardigan Skinny Jeans Boots 1 Purple Bow Tie Blouse Pink Cardigan Skinny Jeans Boots 2

Blouse: Land's End Cardigan: Banana Republic (Consigned) Jeans: LOFT Boots: Kohl's Bracelet: NY & Co. Earrings: Old Navy

Who came up with the word "colorblocking" and made it a thing? Because colorblocking has always been a thing and it isn't anything more than putting two colors next to each other, right? Am I missing something here? Isn't that what we naturally do anyway? Whatever it is, I like it.

I don't usually pair two colors from the same family, but after putting together this outfit, I think I want to a lot more. I'm noticing this pale pink/lavender color is really big this season, as well as other more muted feminine tones. Normally I don't really pay attention to trends--I just dress in what I like--but working at LOFT has helped me identify what's current and what's coming up. Be prepared for a lot of these muted tones and a lot of embellishments this holiday! And black + gold.

This cardigan has been incredibly versatile for me. I even featured it in Whitney and Fran's 5 Days 5 Ways challenge back in the late winter/early spring! (It is really bizarre to look at how far my picture-taking has progressed over the past year!) And it has been a lot of fun finding new ways to wear this bow-tie blouse as well. So far I've tried it on its own, without the bow tie + belted, tucked into a skirt, under a sweater, and now with a cardigan. What's next?

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