Bow Tie Blouse Gray Sweater Black Skinnys 1 Bow Tie Blouse Gray Sweater Black Skinnys 2

Bow-Tie Blouse: Land's End (similar in pink) Sweater: LOFT Outlet (similar) Skinnys: LOFT Flats: Payless Watch: NY & Company

I think I'm obsessed with this outfit. It's full of contrasts, which make it unique and interesting, and I really enjoyed wearing it all day. It's feminine, but has a menswear feel; it's classic but has a modern twist; it's neutral but uses a pop of color and a touch of pattern to make it special. To top it all off, I threw on a string of pearls and felt fancy all day long.

Now that I work at LOFT, I feel a lot more pressure to put a lot of thought and effort into building my outfits each day. I don't mean this in a negative way, however, because this has been a great exercise in exploring my personal style even more and adding "completer pieces" like the right necklace, scarf, or jacket. I feel like so many women, including myself, don't know how much of an impact adding that last touch can have. With the addition of styling my hair differently, having a complete outfit made me feel great.

Which clothing pieces make you feel great? How do you complete an outfit? How do you choose your accessories?

Bow Tie Blouse Gray Sweater Black Skinnys 3