The Friday 5: v.6

I skipped last week's Friday 5 because it was Day FIVE of the PANTONE-Inspired Fall Color Challenge. Man, that was so much fun. You can check out my recap and round-up here! But don't worry, the link love is back. You can catch up on weeks one // two // three // four // five.

The Friday 5

So here we go!

  1. This is something I've noticed a lot within the past year and not just with students. It's really really scary. I can't imagine my world without it!
  2. 10 of Literature's Most Unreliable Narrators. Holden Caufield, anyone?
  3. If there is anyone who has positively nailed it when it comes to writing about Scotland + Harry Potter, it's my friend Megan. Her blog post "Constant Vigiliance" was recognized and reposted by CAPA, her study abroad program. I GOT CHILLS, PEOPLE.
  4. The Evolution of Blogging. Do you sense a shift, too? I definitely do and I've only been at it for about a year and a half.
  5. I may be a bit biased, but my amazing cousin Lucy Score just released her first novella, and boy is it a steamy one ;) I consumed Cocktails at Seven (also on Amazon) in one evening and can easily say it stomps on 50 Shades of Grey and Cosmo's Red Hot Reads.  **Note: I'm not joking about it being steamy. Not meant for readers under 17!**

Anddd you might've missed these five beauties on the blog:

  1. About this time last year, I made a quilt. And so can you!
  2. It's time. Organizing and Downsizing: The Purge
  3. Always. Sometimes. Never.
  4. Can't wait for Downton Abbey Season 4? Neither can I. Get inspired.
  5. Probably one of my funniest posts: 8 Simple Rules for Surviving the Laundromat

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Have a great weekend everyone! STAY SAFE!