October Budget

I'm not happy with my spending this month. If my life were normal (meaning, I was making the same money as I used to), this month wouldn't be bad at all. But as some of you know, things have taken a different course and I need to budget accordingly as a result. Luckily, I am happy with what I did purchase!

October Budget

Plato's Closet

Banana Republic Black Skirt $8.00 Merona Pink Dress $3.00 Speechless Colorblock Dress $7.00 (prettier)

LOFT Outlet

Black Maxi Skirt $19.99 Gray V-Neck Sweater $17.99 (similar) Striped Boatneck Tee $11.99 (similar) Curvy Skinny Jeans $34.99


Banana Republic Tee $3.39 Pittsburgh Pirate Vintage Tee $1.69 Ann Taylor Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse $3.39 Vera Wang Green Cardigan $3.39 LOFT Pleated Plaid Skirt $3.39 LOFT Baby Blue Cardigan $3.39

Total: $120.75

I think it's impressive to view how little I actually paid for each individual item (and how many items I was able to acquire), but seeing it all added up reminds me that I still need to cut costs--The purpose of participating in Budgeting Bloggers with Fran!

Things I love about this month's purchases: I was able to turn the Speechless Colorblock Dress into a really cute winter skirt, I love the Gray V-Neck Sweater from the LOFT outlet (and have a really cute outfit to show you soon), and some of the Goodwill items will be fun to mix in my wardrobe.

Things I'm disappointed in about this month's purchases: Well, in addition to the amount I spent, I'm not happy with my LOFT Outlet jeans purchase--but not because I don't like the brand. I bought them when I was at Westminster for Homecoming and I was desperate because my only packed pair of jeans was slowly developing a hole right in the crotch! I had to act fast and I bought these jeans because they fit great in the store. After a few hours, they were very stretched out. As I later learned, I should size down at LOFT because when I tried on the same pair in a smaller size, they were perfect. So I made a $35 mistake that I can't return. :( I'm hoping maybe I can do some alterations on them. This also means I am most definitely going to be spending at least $35 next month on new jeans...

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