The Deets about the Pantone Challenge

Yesterday, I announced the PANTONE-Inspired Fall Color Challenge that I am co-hosting with Heidi again! I gave a brief outline of what the challenge entails, but I thought I'd go into more detail so you feel comfortable and prepared to join us. We had such a fun time last spring that we are so excited to see what the fall challenge will bring! PANTONE always announces their color choices each season and this year, they picked some really beautiful shades. For our challenge, Heidi and I have selected five colors, one for each day, to be the focal point of our outfit each day. You can choose to wear the color in any way you'd like! Perhaps you'll wear the color as your top, bottom, scarf, or other accessory. Even if you can only add a touch of the selected color, join us anyway!

Pantone-Inspired Fall Color Challenge2

For Monday, we selected Vivacious, a gorgeous magenta-y pink that has a touch of cranberry. Any sort of bright pink would suffice!

On Tuesday, we'll cool things down with this love slate color called Turbulence. I envision this being any shade of gray or even as a chambray.

Wednesday will be bright with Koi, the perfect shade of fall. This can be any shade of orange!

When Thursday rolls around, we'll focus on the chocolate neutral Carafe. In some lights, this could look olive green as well.

Finally, we'll wrap up the week on Friday with this purple punch, Acai. It's a brighter purple than your typical indigo.

After you've selected your outfits, there are two ways you can participate:

  1. Write a blog post and submit your link through our link up. Link up on The Modern Austen on Monday and Tuesday and hop on over to Literate & Stylish for Wednesday-Friday! Make sure you link back to either Heidi or I or use the button below. Click on other links to see how others' rocked the daily color! Make sure you leave some comments.
  2. Take a picture and tag me via social media. Heidi does not have any social media links for her blog, but you can:
    1. Post on my Facebook Page
    2. Tag me on Twitter @themodernausten
    3. Tag me on Instagram @lilburdeezy and use the hashtag #pantonechallenge and the color of the day (i.e. #vivacious)

Heidi and I will pick our favorite looks and feature them throughout the week and then do a fun round-up at the end!

Any more questions about the challenge? Be sure to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer ASAP :)

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**This link-up challenge is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Pantone--we just love their colors. For more information about Pantone LLC and PANTONE® products, visit**