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collectivebias_disclosure I'm amazed by the power of each of our five senses, but I am most interested in how well our sense of smell is attached to our memories. Certainly there are many scents that evoke bad feelings just because they are nasty and harsh to our noses, but there are also so many incredible smells that take us back to a certain place or remind us of a certain memory. When I think of "happy smells," I think of the food my mom is cooking or baking in the kitchen or a crisp and earthy campfire on a chilly evening. I'm taken to a place where only good things thrive.

Ironically enough, though I love scents, I always have the hardest time picking out perfumes for myself or even fragrance gift sets for someone else. I fear I will choose something too fruity and reminiscent of the middle school Bath and Body Works glitter body sprays we would all lather ourselves in before school dances. Or I will smell like a grandma if it's too floral. Or I will be mistaken for a man with aftershave on if it's too musky. So, instead of fighting through the various stages of sneeze-inducing aromas, I often just hope my deodorant will suffice. Another turn-off about buying perfumes is that they are usually way expensive! I don't feel like it has a place in my priority list when it costs more than most of my wardrobe for a teeny tiny bottle.

Luckily, I recently had the fantastic opportunity to check out Walmart's selection of celebrity perfumes and choose one to try. I was glad that the selection was vast but not too overwhelming. Because there was a wide-array of celebrity perfumes, I decided to pick one from a celebrity I valued. Past the J.Biebs and Taylor Swift perfumes (which I am sure are just as smell-er-if-ic), I spotted the Jennifer Aniston perfume and knew it would be a great one to try. Jennifer Aniston is a down-to-earth, cool, sophisticated, classy lady with a great sense of humor so, naturally, I would hope her perfume would reflect this kind of woman.

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I was really pleased with the fragrance. It is light, refreshing, and has hints of several different elements that keep you guessing. It has traces of roses, jasmine, and sandalwood and is musky but feminine; floral but not overwhelmingly so. It is not an everyday kind of fragrance (for me), but I could see myself wearing it on nice occasions.

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Besides just being a nice-smelling perfume, it was reasonably priced, too. Even though I was compensated for purchasing the perfume, I felt like it was a price I would be willing to pay on my own. I only review items that I would buy myself and feel like my readers would as well.

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All in all, it was a painless experience to choose a fragrance and I liked the Jennifer Aniston perfume more than I expected. I would definitely consider buying fragrances as holiday gifts in the future.

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