Blazer Striped Tank Poppy Cropped Pants 2Blazer Striped Tank Poppy Cropped Pants 1

Blazer: The Limited (Goodwill) Tank: LOFT Pants: Land's End Necklace: Caroline G Shop c/o Ashlie

I can't even begin to tell you how refreshing it felt to dress professionally for the first time in awhile. There's just something great about knowing you look dressed for the part and it transcends into your attitude and mood. I felt GREAT wearing this outfit. I loved the colors, even though it was somewhat reminiscent of Halloween. But hey, it's October; who cares?

I LOVE adding blazers to outfits, especially with the sleeves rolled and/or pushed up. It makes an outfit professional and put-together without being too stuffy. And you can't go wrong with stripes and a bold color. If I had worn the top and blazer with black pants, I would've needed some sort of strong accessory, but it still would have been a classic look. I think it is also important to consider your function/venue when deciding on a bottom. Balancing a strong blazer with a cropped pant makes it less formal, making it appropriate for the more casual interview I went on last week (for LOFT! And I nailed it!). If I were going for a more professional interview, I'd go for black slacks. For an evening out, skinny jeans and booties or heels. For something bold, patterned pants.

I also love love love the colors of trees these days; it makes for outfit-picture-taking magic. Now if I could just figure out my camera better, I'd get more shots like the second one above and fewer fails (Note how the editing of the first has made it work-able but still not the best quality). The problem is, all of my pictures look pretty decent on the viewfinder, but once uploaded to my computer, they're blurrier or under/over exposed. As much as I've researched DSLR photography and tried to play around with it, I'm still not getting the results I've been hoping for. But I will continue on my quest! If anyone is great with Canon Rebels, talk to me :)

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Black Blazers

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Black and White stripes

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Poppy Cropped Pants

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