The Friday 5: v.4

Hello beautiful people! As you read this, I will be traveling to or already at Westminster for Homecoming! Last year I had a great time as a first-time alum and I am really looking forward to seeing how this year goes. It's amazing how you can measure growth and change just by your reaction toward an annual event. Last year I was DYING for Homecoming to arrive because I was so incredibly homesick and I still wanted to be a college student so badly. This year, I am just as excited, but it's not because I'm homesick necessarily; it's more because I need some comfort and happiness and Westminster IS comfort and happiness. And while I would LOVE to be a college student at Westminster again, I realize that my reasons for that aren't exactly the same anymore and I'm not as easily blinded by the fabulous features of college life. #grownupproblems?
Anyway, ENJOY your weekends and check out some great links below.
The Friday 5
  1. Even though Free Willy is as sweet as can be, there's still something terrifying about Killer Whales. The upcoming documentary Blackfish exposes the truth behind the 2009 accident resulting in a trainer's death. It looks amazing.
  2. I'm not married, but Bon sure makes being married sound pretty wonderful even in its imperfections.
  3. We all LOVE a good Pin Fail, but we hate it when it's our own. Laura cleverly shares how to avoid a pin fail with the infamous "Sharpie-mug" DIY tutorial.
  4. Want to understand others? READ LITERARY FICTION! (Seriously, this. is. why. we. teach. it! SO good.)
  5. Alli from The Cheerful Closet started a really helpful series on Working With Your Closet. This is something we all should do, especially when we transition into new seasons.

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And because I'm narcissistic, here are five things you might have missed on the blog:

  1. Bedazzle that fanny. (You know you want to click it.)
  2. Dealing with a breakup? Find some strength by answering these questions.
  3. Old posts are embarrassing.
  4. Thinking about starting a blog? Start here.
  5. A year ago, I wore these maroon pants. I've come a long way in terms of "fashion blogging."