The Friday 5: v.3

The Friday 5 It's Friday! And I've got some really good links for you this weekend. This past week seemed to fly by since it was pretty busy: while the government shut down and I discovered I had some hip pain from my Color Run, the Pirates MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS, I was really productive most days, I got to hang out with some friends, and I've got some good plans for the weekend. What are you up to this weekend? How are you planning on enjoying this beautiful October weather? (It's a bit too warm for me these days--I want to wear boots!)

On to The Friday Five:

  1. I'm not a cheerleader, but I am very impressed by competitive cheerleading. I was absolutely blown away by this INSANE video of some incredibly challenging stunts. Seriously. Click it.
  2. What happens if they shut down the government and no one cares?
  3. I really loved Kristin's 2-minute rule for getting things accomplished. I think it will be really helpful in increasing my productivity these days!
  4. I'm obsessed with these adult Harry Potter-inspired clothes. I would rock any of these! Which one is your favorite?
  5. When my students graduated last year, I left them with three pieces of advice. I wish I could send them this list now! SUCH good advice, not just for students!

Have a great weekend!