MTV Cribs + TrueLife?

Random fact: MTV TrueLife "I'm in a _________ Relationship" knocked on our apartment door last week. Our friend Corey was over for dinner, so he answered it while we listened from the living room. They asked if any of us were in some sort of relationship. Awkward. But today is not about MTV TrueLife. It's about MTV Cribs! Meaning, I am going to give you a tiny little glimpse into our new apartment! I know, it's been awhile since I've mentioned the new place...mostly because our move-in was....not so glamorous. Maybe I'll get around to sharing our story with you at some point...

But first, the outfit.

Cobalt Tee Infinity Scarf Jeans 1

Tee: Target Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet Scarf: c/o Justin + Kate (from Francesca's I believe?) Flats: Famous Footwear

It's difficult to get dressed these days because A) I don't have too many occasions to leave my apartment sadly and B) Most of my fall clothes are work wear, casual outfits are limited. So I tend to fall to my basics, but hopefully this fun scarf added some visual interest.

Now...onto our crib! Ashlie and I have been working diligently to make our place feel more like home. We spent two evenings sewing really adorable throw pillows to coordinate with our new Target Threshold curtains.

Cobalt Tee Infinity Scarf Jeans 2

Living Room Couch

What do you think? We ended up saving quite a bit of money by doing the project ourselves and not forking out $20+ a pillow, even at places like Target and HomeGoods. We kind of love our color combination which is gray, yellow, and teal. It seems to go nicely with our brown furniture.

What are some inexpensive ways you've made your house or apartment feel more like home?