I Want To Share Links But I Can't Come Up With an Alliteration

A lot of bloggers do a weekly feature where they share awesome links of quality content, controversial issues, inspiration, and/or hilariousness from other blogs, articles, pop culture, and so on and I always find that they are my go-to for the BEST internet finds. My favorite link sharing at the moment come from Kristin from My Life as a Teacup's "Link Love" on Sundays and also Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats's "Friday Favorites" (Must be a Kristin thing. Changing name BRB.) While I encourage and enjoy bloggers sharing their own content first and foremost, I also feel like I can trust them to bring relevant and interesting content from the outside in. It makes sense--I follow you because we share something in common; therefore, it's likely that what you find interesting, I might, too. The best is when they share something I would never have discovered or clicked on my own.

I've been wanting to start up my own little weekly link feature, but I'm stuck.

Link Sharing Alliteration Problems

I kind of have this obsession with alliteration. Combining that with a blogger's need to come up with some sort of catchy name/phrase and I'm usually golden!  But every link "L" alliteration has been taken already! And then if I go by the days of week, I guarantee those are already taken, too!

So I've been playing around with acronyms. I tried to play off of YDAD (YouTube's "You Deserve a Drink!") but then it turned into YRNTRT ("You Really Need to Read This") and YSCTO ("You Should Check This Out") and I found myself falling deeper into the abyss of really terrible ideas.

Perhaps I need to challenge myself to loosen my death grip on alliteration and try something simple and normal, like:

Hey, Check this Out!


I Really Liked These Links So You Should, Too.


Read This.


I Wish I Were Awesome Enough to Write All of These Things (But Maybe You'll Give Me Props for Sharing?).

No? Not working? Damn. I'm trying here people! Anyway, maybe you are all more brilliant than I and can help me out. In the meantime, here are some links you should check out this weekend:

  • Someone shared this article "Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy" on Facebook and I immediately clicked on it. I was initially taken aback by the term "yuppie" and thought I would be annoyed reading it, especially because I hate being associated with generalizations. The article, oddly enough, makes a lot of really interesting points and I found it fascinating. However, my good friend firmly disagreed with the article and stated her very valid argument here, "Defending Generation Y" and it opened my eyes to the other side of the coin. Where do you fall?
  • I love education and I love creativity; I firmly believe they can (and should) work hand-in-hand. This fabulous and hilarious Brit, Ken Robinson, presents a fantastic argument on "How Schools Kill Creativity." I've always admired speakers who can be both funny and light-hearted while reaching a serious and imperative note.
  • As the weather cools, my appetite only seems to increase. Doesn't this Crock Pot Pizza Dip recipe look ah-maz-ing? I think it would be perfect for tailgates or movie nights with friends.
  • Everything on this blog has been self-taught, which is why I really appreciate clear tutorials on a variety of blog topics like design and sponsorship. Ever since I bought my DSLR camera last winter, I have wanted to learn the ins and outs of photography, but am intimidated by the fancy terms and knowing how to adjust to specific environments. Jessica from Here & Now recently posted a great tutorial on Amateur Photography. It was simplified and I hope to use some of her ideas on my next "photoshoot."
  • Being a blogger is tough sometimes. We always feel like we have to produce something new almost every single day. And life just doesn't function like that on an every day basis. Erin from Living in Yellow wrote a great post awhile back about the struggle between Producing vs. Consumption and how bloggers deserve a break, too.


So there you have it. Five links...on a Friday....OH MAN! Maybe there is an alliteration in there after all....